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Changes the Underkeep of Skystone Castle to a Vampire hideout with blood chalise, blood vial creation, cattle and more!

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This mod simply changes the underkeep from the Skystone Castle mod. This is just something I whipped up to use personally and decided to share it, so it won't have updates or changes. It comes as is and nothing more.

Skystone Castle claims to have a vampire room in the underkeep, but it wasn't very vampy imo, so I've changed that.

Essentially, this mod changes the underkeep to the Sicarius' Refuge with some major edits, with elements from Hassildor and Dawnstar Sanctuary Reborn.

The Harkon Sword holder comes from Hassildor. I removed the followers from Skystone's underkeep and placed them in the dining area, where they can still be recruited (They still patrol the other cells, but not the underkeep). The main cell of the new underkeep is Sicarius' Refudge, however I removed the kitchen and replaced it with Harkon's Sword holder, the Bloodstone Chalice and a blood fountain that will give the player 5 blood potions when activated. I also removed the child bedroom and replaced it with a small cell with a cattle thrall. Lastly, I removed the smithy and replaced it with a magical portal that will take the player to the Dawnstar Sanctury.

The navmeshes have been changed to accommodate my changes. All the functions of Sicarius' Refuge should remain EXCEPT things I've stated are changed (the child's room is removed, so this cell can't be used to adopt children for example). 

This mod does NOT have any protections, as in if you try to use the portal to the dawnstar sanctuary before you unlock the sanctuary, it will still take you there and could possibly break the dark brotherhood quest... Just don't use the portal until you've unlocked it and fully upgraded it.

This mod ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES the before mentioned mods or it WILL cause CTD's!!! This is ONLY an ESP and 1 custom mesh and 1 custom script, everything else is added by THESE mods!!:
Sicarius' Refuge - DLC version
Skystone Castle
Sanctuary Reborn

Suggested load order:
Sanctuary Reborn
Sicarius' Refuge - DLC version
Skystone Castle
VampireSkystone (this mod)

[KNOWN ISSUE] If you install this mod AFTER you upgrade dawnstar (and sometimes maybe even before?) you may find that the listern's room is blocked by a wall. If this happens, just leave the sanctuary, go to a different interior cell, such as the inn in dawnstar, save and reload. The wall and dresser should be gone.