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This is my take on a simple houseboat for Skyrim. Every ship i found online was either too big or too fancy for me, so i did one myself.
(I didn't name the screenshots, some of them include Aurora Village, some don't.)

The Mod:

I wanted it to be simple, confined, yet cozy but not too cluttered and it had to be in the Tamriel Worldspace (no load doors).
I used a Rain and Snow Clipping Mod to stop the raining inside without having to install RealShelter, added a heatsource to the oven and a walkway to the boat for Frostfall Users.
The lights have an automatic on/off script as well.

The Boat:

It has a large window front, a small kitchen with a cookingpot, food storage and dining/living area. There are two hammocks with bedrolls (player/follower) and chests, you can access the attic space for storage and there's a wardrobe next to the door for clothes. I only added one weaponrack, cause it's only supposed to be a little vacation home.
-there's an optional version where the lower hammock is switched with alchemy- and enchanting tabletops and the follower gets to sleep on the ground-

You'll get a garden with fertile-soil in the planters at the bow, also i added a little tanning deck for followers. At the stern you get a sharpening stone, a tanning rack and a small porch above the entrance.

It's fully navmeshed, but since the place really confined it sometimes causes the npcs to jump to the idle positions...
You've got two dog_laying_down markers to keep eventual doggies out of the way.


It's on Lake Ilinalta, east of Half-Moon Mill, southeast from the Lady's Stone.
(right in front of Aurora Village, or between Aurora and Little Vivec from Moon and Star,  if you've got it installed).
The key is on the porch table (again).


I encountered several limitations architecture-wise cause i couldn't hide meshes in the walls like in the interior cell-homes, so
bear with me on this one...
There's quite some thought and location scouting in this place...
Since i wanted a garden in the front to counterbalance the more built-up back and to grow stuff on the boat, it had to be somewhere warm enough for outdoor vegetation and it's got large windows too. That pretty much ruled out the whole northern coastarea.
Several other, wonderful spots could only be reached through rapids and waterfalls up- or downriver and that would be impossible with a boat like not being a big fan of Riften, i chose (the heavy mod-covered,i know) Lake Ilinalta and placed it near Aurora Village, wich i love, cause i wanted to be able to see a living community when i look out the window.

The possible existence of Aurora lead to the (pretty long) walkway to keep it away from Aurora's navmeshes.The stairs at the end are for the followers who swim through the lake to enter the boat, again...if i had navmeshed it, all of Aurora's pathing would get screwed up if this mod is lower in the loadorder!

-waiting on the walkway stairs helps followers finding you a lot faster, if you don't want to fast-travel to the ''Greenboat -on deck-'' marker
-sleeping for some time might help getting the lightswitch and/or rainclipping scripts in order


Not much, i tried to keep it as vanilla as possible.
It requires Skyrim Script Extender 1.7.1 or higher, and Skyrim 1.9.32 or higher.

A somewhat powerful Computer, depending on how modded your Lake Ilinalta is ;-)
(works fine on my 2x2.3Ghz,2GbRAM,GTS450-2GbVRAM,WinXP)
 (don't laugh...:)

If you're not looking for the solitude i strongly recommend installing these Mods. It feels like another Riften at Lake Ilinalta.
-place the houseboat mod (Moon and Star- version) below them in your loadorder-
- Aurora Village
- Moon and Star
- Half-Moon Mill Vampire Town


Unzip the file "Greenboat" into the /data folder where Skyrim is installed.

But i suggest you use the NexusModManager!


From the Skyrim Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the
name houseboat_1.esp.
You might not want to have it last in the order...that caused problems for me with many mods on the ''first load''.

Make sure you start Skyrim using SKSE launcher.


From the Skyrim Launcher, select Data Files and UNcheck the box next to the
name of houseboat_1.esp
For a complete uninstall you'll have to open the zipfile and delete all the copied contents from skyrim's data folder...


Moon and Star  ... i didn't know about this one.... (thanks Ticklefeather)(I'm working on an update/patch)
the next mods are conflicting with Moon and Star and therefore most likely with this one too...
- Tel Nalta
- Klinalth Lake Mansion-Player home
- Talos Island
- Isle of the Akavir
- Woodland Sanctuary
If you desperately need a patch for something just send me a PM, i'll see what i can do.


thanks a lot to:

Bethesda for the game and all the modding tools

Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel and Paul Connelly for the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)

Stroti for his craftsman tools and potbelly oven resources

Jokerine for the great cleaning set and foodset resources

Blary for his amazing alchemy clutter, bookset, and foodcontainer resources

Tamira and Phitt for the amazing sheogard resources

Tamira for the lovely windchime

Cipscis/M3rvin for the automatic light script resource

Xilante for his great rain and snow clipping

Eldiabs for the activators resource

mindboggles for the nice watermeshes

Darkfox127 for his Custom Container Tutorial

Nart2007 for the glassmesh and the very nice switchscript

Ticklefeather for pointing out the MaS incompatibility

Kuzimar for all the help and testing

ErianDragonborn for his video review and helpful suggestions