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Dovahkiin Retreat Continued Christmas Edition to add to your yuletide cheer.

Permissions and credits
Dovahkiin Retreat Continued Christmas Edition to add to your yuletide cheer.

Recomended Mods:

A winter overhaul is a must and AceeQ's mod is best. Sometimes it's on the Nexus but if it has been removed Google it.

Enhanced Landscapes - Winter Edition
If the Nexus link is hidden Winter Overhaul - AceeQ's Skyrim Mods : Search Google for link
Skyrim christmas music replacer by visedgrunt

Resources used:

A Festive Christmas by Absinthe.
Author gives permission as long as original author is credited

Teddybears: Modder's Resource and esp
Authors: Tamira and Arion ; Original model of the teddy by Abitor
Please vote for the file on that site of you like the teddy.

Rockinghorses: Modder's resource and Demo esp
Author: Tamira ; Original model of the rockinghorse by Walery Nowak

Christmas in Whiterun by Sargentcrunch
Used with permission from Author

The Merry Snowberry by Jokerine
Used with permission from Author

Christmas textures by hardcore1266 and hardcore1277

SnowGlobe Stuffs by InsanitySorrow
Christmas Resource Version: 1.0 by InsanitySorrow

Inspiration taken from:

The following authors use vanilla assets in creative ways.

It's Christmas in Skyrim
Whiterun Christmas Overhaul
Christmas Themed Player Home

Special Thanks:

Thanks to Hanna for helping to remove the glossiness from the mesh I used for the plates. And also for fixing the lanterns from Christmas In Whiterun.