Enhanced Landscapes - Winter Edition by AceeQ
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Added: 26/12/2016 - 10:10PM
Updated: 26/12/2016 - 09:28PM

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Last updated at 21:28, 26 Dec 2016 Uploaded at 22:10, 26 Dec 2016

Enhanced Landscapes to work correctly.

Enhanced Landscapes - Winter Edition will turn Skyrims landscape into a winter wonderland. Snow everywhere. This mod uses custom trees based on Skyrim Flora Overhaul and is not compatible with other tree mods, except there is a patch available. All questions should be asked on the Enhanced Landscapes page!

  • First install the main file of Enhanced Landscapes. Don't choose any of the optional plug-ins, they are incompatible with the Winter Edition.
  • Now download and install the Winter Edition - install the mod as separate file, so it doesn't conflict with the main files of EL. In MO make sure the Winter Edition has a higher priority as Enhanced Landscapes (left pane in MO).
  • Run DynDOLOD with all esp files activated and generate new distant and tree LOD files.

Load Order
After installing the files enable all files and make sure the load order looks like following:

  • EL Winter LandDecolor.esp (flagged as esm file and should be loaded after all other .esm files)
  • EL Winter LandDecolor - Solstheim (flagged as esm file and should be loaded after all other .esm files)
  • Enhanced Landscapes.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Winter.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - DLC2Snow.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Patch.esp

Mod Organizer - Load Order

  • DynDOLOD resources
  • Enhanced Landscapes
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Winter Edition
  • DynDOLOD output

  • Realistic Lightining Overhaul/Enhanced Lighting for ENB and ELFX (also Enhancer Plug-In) are fully compatible.
  • Not compatible with Climates of Tamriel/Pure Weather, RCRN or any other weather overhaul. Will work with most ENBs.
  • Fully compatible with Pure Waters, W.A.T.E.R & Realistic Water Two.
  • Also compatible with most snow mods and snow textures, so you can use your favorite snow textures. Make sure snow/ice/road textures are loaded/installed after Enhanced Landscapes - Winter Edition.
  • Compatible with Frostfall, Wet and Cold and GetSnowy. Please make sure to load this plug-ins after all Winter Overhaul files.
  • Fully compatbile with Footprints, you will see footprints everywhere in Skyrim!