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I started working with BOSS on April 15 2012.  While working with BOSS I was told there was no TES5Edit and nobody had been in touch with the author ElminsterAU. They also told me that I would never get the source code to the program because he guarded it as if he were the Troll in Three Billy Goats Gruff. However, with the help of people in the Skyrim community I was able to get a hold of Elminster and after asking for the Source code he gave it to me. He was not the evil troll others had made him out to be but a very kind individual and he was grateful there was someone willing to update TES5Edit. To this day he is very helpful and always answers my Edit related questions.

Zilav and I started working on TES5Dump on July 12 2012. We both worked very hard on the program, although he edited CTDA and some of the more complex routines. Finally on October 13, 2012 we were able to release TES5Edit to the public and are hoping it will be used for years to come making Skyrim a more stable game to play.  Recently WrinklyNinja helped us move TES5Edit to its new location on GitHub.

Also during this time there was quite a fuss over TESVSnip and it was removed from the Nexus. It was also a program I liked using but never knew what it was doing to the plugins. With the help of two volunteers TESVSnip was updated to add proper Zlib support. However, it will need much more work before a public beta release will be possible.

These days I work on one of several projects, either Dovahkiin Hideout Continued and other mods by Shawkab, TES5Edit, Wrye Bash, Wrye Flash, and I have been meaning to update some of my Compatibility Patches. I very occasionally update the BOSS or LOOT masterlist.

One way or another I work with devoted individuals on many different Skyrim related utilities all for the benefit of the players who enjoy Elder Scrolls as much as I do.

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