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A mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
It adds bridges to locations where you often decide to cross over a river or lake.
Makes Skyrim more accessible and fun to explore without breaking immersion.

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A mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
It adds bridges to locations where you often decide to cross over a river or lake.
Makes Skyrim more accessible and fun to explore without breaking immersion.

Ever noticed how Skyrim is full of people, most of them warriors or scholars. But there are the common people too, like fishermen, innkeepers, blacksmiths and yet when you go out into the world and explore you find more or less ten bridges over all? Why is that?

I don't like to swim around all the time and I dislike off-roads that just get cut-off by a river of some sorts.

Ever come out the back end of Beakfalls Barrow and wonder how you could easily cross over that lake or river? Are you forced to go around a lake because swimming is stupid and frustrating? Well no more!

Let me introduce you to Convenient Bridges!


All bridges will be Nav Meshed so NPC's and Animals can travel over them. Bridges also include preferred pathing so an NPC will choose to go over the bridge rather than swim. Also Navmeshing is fixed around the bridges so that NPC's wont clip though them when swimming under them.

Some areas around the bridges are also modified a little in order to implement the bridge to the world. For example there might be some rock positions changed to make room for the bridges.


I will also add some extra objects like trees, barrels, lighting etc. when I feel it should be the case. Most likely the reason will be to enhance lore experience or give hints to the area around the bridge. Rather than to degrease lore friendliness.

These bridges will never break immersion. So I will never make a bridge into a stupid location or make it go over a whole lake. There is always a limit to how long a bridge can be and what was possible to make in that day and age.


Should work with most mods unless there's static object and clutter added to the same areas (position) as my bridges.
Hand placed trees from various other mods will most likely conflict with this mod one way or another and cause inconvenience.
You can however disable conflicting individual trees with the command menu.

Open command menu > click on tree or object > disable (write down ID for backup)
Open command menu > click on tree or object > disable (to see what
disables) > enable > markfordelete > load game. (This method will permanently remove that object, so I do not recommend this action)


Bridges of Skyrim by JeremeW5257
(direct Static Object conflict, do not confuse this with Skyrim Bridges by BJS_336)
Touring Carriages by DayDreamer
(Because it uses preferred navmesh to travel and my mod connects into the preferred vanilla navmesh)
Tel Nalta II - Telvanni Home
(Direct static object conflict)
Moon and Star
(Navmesh conflict) (Unsure as of 1.7)
Quest: Sea Of Ghosts
(Direct static object conflict)
Better Fast Travel - Carriages and Ships - Overhauled (Unsure as of 1.7)
(Boat and NPC revert back to the original position in Solitude, under the bridge. Will not create compatibility patch)
Other fats travel mods might conflict aswell, depending if they modify the boat locations or add new ones to Solitude docks!


Immersive Fallen Trees by Jurassic4LIFE
(If you choose to have the Navmeshed version it will conflict.
Depending on load order Navmesh is replaced. Want my bridges to be navmeshed? Load it last.)

Better Docks by zebra0
(Download the optional Convenient Bridges Compatible file. Zebra0 has uninstaled his Skyrim so he/she is unable to update his mod to fit convenient Bridges 1.7 and above.)

Skyrim Bridges by BJS_336

(Still you should install them, they work fine anywhere else)

Enhanched Wetness and Puddles by anamorfus (no wet effects etc.)
Real Shelter by ThreeTen (rain just passes through either the bridge or the roof of the bridge)


1. Guardian Stones
2. Guardian Stones (down the path to the hunter)
3. Guardian Stones (near the first small island)
4. On the Road to Lady Stone
5. Lady Stone
6. Cradlecrush Rock
7. Fort Amol (right hand side from Whiterun. Heads towards the Hotsprings)
8. Fort Amol (left hand side from Whiterun. Heads towards the Hotsprings)
9. Riverside Shack
10. From Ivarstead to Geirmund Hall
11. Solitude Docks
12. Yngol Barrow, near Windhelm
13. Gloomreach
14. Chillwind Debths
15. Bruca's Leap Redoubt
16. Red Eagle Redoubt (Near Skyhaven Temple)
17. Towards Darkfall Cave


Credit and thank you goes to the author of these videos! You guys do amazing job on covering various Skyrim mods! Thank you!


To put it simply I need "alpha" and "beta" testers for the mod and this is why I'm releasing this mod in "alpha" stage. Use the comment section to inform me with any problems you might find. Please note that some NPC's might not travel over these bridges because they lack navigation packages. So use vanilla NPC's when testing them. I can't fix NPC mods.

Also post any locations or areas where you think a bridge could be useful! As I am a slow gamer myself and like to spend time exploring rather than spend my time finding these locations. Plus it would make the mod more directed to the users rather than for myself.

If you know how to use Creation Kit you can post to coordinations in Tamriel Worldspace for me to find it quickly. As you can imagine "Place a bridge near Solitude where theres a boat near a cave" does not really pinpoint the location at all. (But I try my best to find it.)

If you want to help out even more, you are free to PM me and I will post more details about what things you could test out.


("ALPHA" stage, I promise noting)
Should work with just putting the .esp into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data folder.

Activation vía NMM should work as well!


("ALPHA" stage, I promise nothing)
Remove the .esp from you C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data folder.

Deactivate vía NMM.

AUTHOR: SebastianJSL a.k.a Revonlieke (Prefer Revonlieke)


8.12.2014 - ALPHA v.1.0 (Release)

9.12.2014 - ALPHA v.1.1 (Added two new river crossings near Fort Amol)

14.12.2014 - ALPHA v.1.2 (Overhauled 3 bridges and gave small updates to others)

18.12.2014 - ALPHA v.1.3 (Added a bridge over the river at Riverside Shack and a bridge over from Ivarstead to Geirmund Hall)

23.12.2014 - ALPHA v.1.4 (Added a bridge over to Solitude. Connects the docks to Hjaalmarch. & Changed location for Dawnguard ferry)

08.01.2015 - ALPHA v.1.4a (Updated the file to two seperate ones. One to work with Dawnguard & Heartfire, another to work without Heartfire!)

14.01.2015 - ALPHA v.1.5 (Added a bridge at Yngol Barrow near Windhelm and another bridge over the river at Gloomreach cave.)

18.01.2015 - ALPHA v.1.6 (Added two new bridges at Chillwind Debths & Bruca's Leap Redoubt, plus some other small bug fixes!)

02.06.2015 - ALPHA v.1.7 (Overhauled the Solitude Bridge to make the mod DLC free! Added a bridge towards Red Eagle Redoubt.)

14.06.2015 - ALPHA v.1.8 (Cleaned file from master file dependencies. Added a bridge towars Darkfall Cave (DG). )