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A Levelled Item List and NPC change for Vampires

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I always play as a vampire using the Alternate Start mod by Arthmoor, and even if I don't I end up purposefully trying to contract Sanguine Vampiris. I also love using the two armour mods by AmethystDeceiver, The Black Sacrament and Lustmord Vampire Armour. As part of my vampire characters I also Daedra of Coldharbour by Aipex8.

A while ago I created a mod to make use of all three vampire mods by integrating them with the Stock skyrim Vampires so i thought I'd upload it to the nexus.

This mod at the moment does the following things:
  • Uses many of the Lustmord and Black Sacrament armour pieces in a random Levelled Item list so that you can see them on vampire NPCs in the game
  • Only uses duplicates of the armours scaled down to steel weapon and stock vampire armor levels for balance reasons
  • Does the same for vampire levelled weapon lists so they use the Lustmord crossbow and Black Sacrament models
  • Provides a random assortment of these armours and weapons when you start as a vampire in Mara's Eye vampire den with Arthmoor's Alternate Start
  • Alters the spell lists of vampires so that they cast Colharbour Flame spells and can summon Coldharbour Dremora/Atronachs

Please see the pictures and videos for examples.



  • Use NMM, it should work fine

  • Aipex8 for all the wonderfully capital work on Coldharbour and Vampire mods
  • AmethystDeceiver for fantastically marvellous armour mods
  • Bethesda for you know, stuff they did

  • germanbahah has confirmed that the .esp involved in this mod and the pre-requisite mods can all combine fine using tes5edit if you are running out of mod slots.

Future Plans:
  • I'd like to add in lots of quests and artifacts plus some new guilds, i have ideas. I'm getting tired of playing through Dawnguard, which with every single character of mine being a vampire becomes tedious as wonderful as it is. What if a Vampire playthrough had more content that was vampire specific? Egads! *shrug* don't know what yet, don't hold me to it
  • I'd love to make another set of levelled lists that include Zerofrosts brilliant armour, might add that as well in a serpate download