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This mod makes all the Evil Incarnate Gear created by Omniel Machia standalone. Complete with crafting recipes.

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Evil Incarnate Gear Standalone
Made Standalone by GrandBulwark
Assets created by Omniel Machia

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I made this standalone because it is one of my favorite Daedric Retextures.  Always hated how the optional helmet replaced the dragonbone helmet, and thus robbed you of the matching set perk.  And that I had to pick a version.  This mod brings both versions to a single .esp along with all optional content.  This includes the orginal armor, the optional alternate evil version, the dragonbone helmet, the arrow quiver and the charred shield.  All assets are unique and do not replace anything in the vanilla game.  All items are identical to daedric counterparts(This includes the Dragonbone Helmet) in stats and value.  They are all craftable, and use the same recipes as their deadric counterparts.

Daedric Incarnate Armor = Standard Version
Daedric Demon Armor = Alternate Evil Version
Daedric Horned Helmet = Dragonbone matching Helmet(In daedric category, matching set perk will apply)
Daedric Charred Shield = The Charred Shield
Ornate Daedric Arrow = The Arrow Quiver

 All items are craftable and can be found in the daedric category.  Considering you have the daedric Smithing perk.


Omniel Machia for all textures: Original Mod
Bethesda for all the models
GrandBulwark for making it standalone and adding crafting recipes.

Anyone is free to use Omniel's Textures so long as credit is given.  The .esp work and the altered arrow mesh is my work.  If you use anything from these assets in your mod, add me to your credits as well.