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Have you come seeking me? My name is unimportant, and my accomplishments are few.


What are any of my accomplishments in the whole of this world? I have traveled from one end of the land to the other. I have killed creatures that can stop a man's heart with but a look. I have the blood of man and mer uncountable on my hands. I have seen the atrocities of war and the hideous excess of peace. There is nothing left for me in this world.


"No good e'er comes of leisure purposeless; And heaven ne’er helps the men who will not act." -Sophocles 409 B.C.  I value truth, wisdom, logic and self sufficiency.  There is an answer for everything; the greatest answer is that no one knows everything.  I do not mind helping in fact, in most cases I enjoy it.  If you need assistance with a mod, or your computer, feel free to ask.  As the quote above implies, I do not help those who don't help themselves.  If you as a ridiculous question that can be easily answer for yourself, you will go ignored.


I am reasonable, I am kind and normally courteous.  I care nothing for rewards, or power or providence; any help I offer is freely given.  I have suffered a great deal for the sake of my friends, my family, my beliefs and my feelings; I have no regrets and I extend no apologies for being myself.  I will always be there for a friend, even if they aren't always there for me.  If you are my friend, great I will do my best to lift you up and make your life better.  If you hate me, great!  Let me know how that works out for you!