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Remember that 125 job requirement for the full experience? Well, forget about that now.

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So, hands up if you have honestly ever done the 125 jobs for the Thieves Guild without the use of a mod or some sort of cheat. If you have then I take my hat off to you. Personally, I have never done it, it was just too much to ask so I decided to change that while still being able to play the quest-line.

The following mod is a replacement script that brings the job requirements from 125 down to 25. I have tested this myself by doing 5 jobs each in the major holds in my current play-through.

NOTE: This mod is for a new game, I have heard word in the comments that it doesn't work on an existing game if you've done more than 5 jobs for the Thieves Guild.


So, with the changes this is how things work. I'll leave in brackets the old amount.

  • Jeweled Candlestick appears after 5 jobs. (5)
  • Ornate Drinking Horn appears after 10 jobs. (15)
  • Golden Ship Model appears after 11 jobs. (25)
  • Golden Urn appears after 13 jobs. (35)
  • Jeweled Goblet appears after 15 jobs. (45)
  • Jeweled Pitcher appears after 17 jobs (55)
  • Jeweled Flagon appears after 20 jobs. (75)
  • Safe appears next after 25 jobs. (125)


This mod replaces the TGREnablerHandlerQuestScript.pex script file so any other mod that does this will be 

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