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Mod articles

  • All Spells

    This article lists all the spells by category. The categories are Vanilla Replacements (fixes turning undead), Healing (lets you heal/cure more conditions than vanilla), Nature (lets you control the natural world in interesting ways), Buff (makes followers more powerful, and controls their AI to a limited extent), and Divine (do the work of the gods).


    These spells make it possible to actually turn the undead, which is beyond broken in vanilla Skyrim: (A) for the amount of magicka it costs to turn an undead creature, you can fling enough fireballs at it to kill it; (B) Illusion's Fear spells cost less than Turn Undead counterparts, even though Fear spells are much broader in scope; (C) turning undead actually makes them harder to kill (you ...

  • Compatibility

    This article lists the various compatibility stuff you might encounter, and how to fix it with a patch if you have the know-how to create one.


    Load EpicRestoration first, then CWO. You will still lose the ability to cast Mend Injury on wounded soldiers in camps until I provide a compatibility patch. (I'm not even going to try to explain how to do that, the Civil War stuff is bonkers.)


    Should work just fine as long as the mod properly updates vendor lists. Meaning, the spell mod shouldn't forcibly erase existing spells from those lists. Even if the mod DOES do that naughty thing, just load Epic Restoration after it and you'll be fine.


  • Renounce Spoilers

    This article details when to cast Renounce to get Divine bonuses. Obviously, it contains spoilers, so read with caution.

    As the main description notes, you can increase your odds of getting the divine reward by following these rules:
    Cast Renounce BEFORE doing something evil because a voice in your head told you to.
    Cast Renounce AFTER your character learns that a Daedric prince is behind the quest.  (In particular, this means you can't renounce Sanguine until the very end of his quest.)
    Cast Renounce IN FRONT OF worshippers of the Daedric prince in question.
    Or, cast Renounce IN THE PHYSICAL PRESENCE OF the actual Daedric prince.
    Cast Renounce WHILE STANDING AT the shrine to the Daedric prince.
    Cast Renounce AFTER the Daedric prince de...