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Lets your shifty characters remain shifty whilst retaining your "Holiness" when using Haptly's mod Epic Restoration

Permissions and credits

Welcome to The Gray Zone

Ever felt that you were at heart a good person, who definitely do more good than bad but sometimes slip from the path of purity and wisdom and end up in the gray zone? Ever roleplayed as an undercover spy in The Thieves Guild? Want to be able to execute justice on Grelod the Kind who is secretly a Hagraven who eats orphans? Sure you do! Only problem is the Gods don't look kindly on such deeds. Until now, that is. With this mod you'll be able to do this and still be considerd "holy" with Haptly's mod "Epic Restoration".

This mod changes the EpicRestorationHolinessScript that determine if your character is able to use the divine spells from Haptly's Epic Restoration. I have changed it so that you are still considered "Holy" even if you join the Thieves Guild or kill Grelod the Kind. This also means that you get to keep the divine gifts you get when you rennounce deadra.

I made this mod for my own gaming experience, because I often storytell stuff that happens in the game to suit my current character. Not beeng able to rid the world of someone who's obviously secretly a hagraven was a nusiance.

Have finally fixed the issue where the gods kept telling a vampire or werewolf player they pity you. See versions 1.03b and 1.03c for this.

Mods Required
Epic Restoration by Haptly
Skyrim Skript Extender

  • Always make sure to backup your files before installing new mods
  • Nexus Mod Manager: Download the .esp of your choice and activate it to install it. Select "yes" when prompted to overwrite.
  •  Manual: Open the .rar and merge the data folder located iside with your own. Select "yes" when prompted to overwrite.

You will only need to download and install one version of the mod, but nothing bad should happen if you installed all of them other than some features not appearing as they should.

  • Always make sure to backup your files before uninstalling new mods
  • Nexus Mod Manager: Deactivate and uninstall. Note that if you uninstall this mod but sill want to use Haptly's original mod, you might have to reinstall the original mod.
  • Manual: Remove "Grayzone.esp" from your Data Folder, the "EpicRestorationRenounceScript.pex" and the "EpicRestorationHolinessScript.pex" from your Scripts Folder (found in Data/Scripts). Also remove "EpicRestorationRenounceScript.psc" and "EpicRestorationHolinessScript.psc" from your Source Folder (found in Data/Scripts/Source). Note that if you remove anything from the scripts and source folders but sill want to use Haptly's original mod, you'll have to reinstall the original mod.

Overwrite all the old files with the new ones.

Known issues and bugs
  • When using versions 1.03b and 1.03c you either have to start a new game or cure yourself from vampirism/lycantropy and then reinfect yourself for you to be able to cast holy spells. The good news is that the mod works with Arthmoor's Alternate Start, so you don't have to go through the tedious task of getting infected on a new game.

1.0 Initial release
1.01 Fixed issue where The Thieves Guild and The Dark Brotherhood would get royally pissed after renouncing.
Also removed unnecessary masters.
1.01a Finally Hagraven Grelod! No more bad feelings for killing the old crone!
1.02 More stable version and revised scripts
1.02a Same as 1.02, with the addition of Grelod the Hagraven
1.02b Holy Vampires, Batman! Cast divine spells even as a vampire or werewolf. Also modified the message
"The gods show no favor of vampires/werewolves" to the kinder "The gods pity the vampires/werewolves".
1.02c Same as 1.02 + Grelod the Hagraven + Holy Vampires, Batman!
1.03b Finally an update! The gods will no longer spam you if you use the Holy Vampires version of the mod.
1.03c Same as above, but with Grelod the Hagraven. 


Please read the original compability article for Haptly's Epic Restoration Mod. It can be found here


I got permission from the original mod creator Haptly to upload this mod. Because this is a mod of a mod, I will not give any permissions to publish modifications of this mod, be it for free or for commercial purpose.

Future Updates

  • If enough people ask for it, I'll make Grelod into a full fledged hagraven for immersion. ;)      Done!
  • I've also been into the whole "repenting vampire" as of late and will look into the possibilities of making the gods like you even if your blood is a little... off.Done!
  • Fix the stupid spam message.Done!
Will take suggestions and try to include them in future updates.

Recomended Mods
All Haptly's mods. Go endorse! What are you waiting for???

Credit goes to Haptly for creating such an awesome mod. All scripts, all spells, ALL WORK belongs to Haptly.
And a very big thank you to Bethesta for making Skyrim.