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A carefully tweaked realistic Enb/SweetFx

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Although I liked CoT for it's vibrance wich I find attractive and realistic on the ground, skies are another story.
There is so many climates in CoT, and so many of them are just pure fantasy, that tweaking this enb to my liking has became a 500 ligns .ini nightmare.
It became to look really good on some parts, but helplessly irrealistic, even by fantasy standards on others.
Cot lightning can be just awful when HDR is used, and I like HDR, a lot.

So I'm discontinuing this project and starting a new, based on vanilla weather. I realized more is not always better !
I erased the enb as it is obviously an awful wip mess, leaving only the SweetFX wich is fine.
If you liked my work stay tuned for the real deal on vanilla Skyrim ;)

DERP (Dirty Enb Rich Peasants), is now an Hybrid SweetFX/Enb or SweetFX only preset.
Every setting has been carefully tweaked in order to get the more crisp and realist image possible.
[/font]Where it shines the most is at delivering progressive and realistic light variations as the sun rises and sets.
Also, performance concerns -from wich came this outrageously funny name- had been kept from the initial SweetFX release.

It's meant to be used with Climate of Tamriel with or without its Weather Patch.
It will totally work without CoT, but you will get offset colors and luminosity.
Enhanced Light and FX with exterior lightning option is also strongly recommanded.

- HDR -

The main effect behind this config, HDR is basically an ambiance filter wich makes darkness darker and light brighter, the goal is to get a realistic range of illumination without losing details in the process.
Misused by a lot of tweakers, poor HDR is condemned most of the time to render blinding flashy grass and pitch black forests. I made it the more realistic I could; light will pop from enlightened object and shadows will be darker but still detailed.
Also, lights variation following the sun course is now really realistic.

- Colors -

Basically got rid of the omnipresent green tint, then calmed down his friend red who got mad in the process. Kept a very little over the top blue tint, to fit the Skyrim alpine theme. Rose are now red.

- Image clarity -

Fair amount of sharp filter so you can really enjoy your 32k textures pack.
SMAA, best light weight anti aliasing process is on and tweaked (according to my 1440p screen though). I advise you disable any other AA.
Light Depth of Field included.
Both of them may be disabled for more performance.


- Climate of Tamriel (night level 2 for comfort, 3 for realism, more if you are the batman)
- Climate of Tamriel weather patch (if you want a more shiny and colorful Skyrim, don't forget to set night level again)
- Enhanced Light and FX with exterior lightning option on (or nights won't be that cool)


DERP Lite:

Unzip mod files in you main Skyrim folder where TESV.exe is located / Erase them to uninstall / Use the stop scroll key to switch SweetFX on and off.

DERP Rich peasant Edition:

- Unzip mod files in you main Skyrim folder where TESV.exe is located
- Download the last Enb version here.
- Extract d3d9.dll, put it in you main Skyrim folder.
- Be aware how to properly set up your .ini for Enb.

/!\ Note that some overlays like FRAPS or Riva Tuner may interfere with injectors like SweetFX and Enb/!\

That's it, hope you'll like it.

Credits: for SweetFX, Boris Vorontsov for Enb, again, ZeroKing, and prod80 for the Lumasharp shader, Arsil for the DoF shader, and finally MannyGT for the SunSprite.