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Simple Taxes allows the player to pay taxes for horses and houses and customize all of its features through an MCM.

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You are absolutely NOT permitted to reupload or use this for monetization.

Taxes of the Nine Holds created by thesniperdevil:
introduces a feature that this mod lacks - separate taxes for each hold. Check it out!

Italian translation created by MaximilianPs

Reviews of Simple Taxes. All of 3.0 except Thyworm's (of 2.0).

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SkyUI 4.1+
DOES NOT REQUIRE PAID VERSION, and I don't recommend getting it. Don't support the paywalls.
SKSE 1.6.16+


Simple Taxes is a very straightforward mod that makes the player pay weekly dues for owning horses and houses. Despite the basic idea, it has a lot of features, most of which come from its huge customizability. You can set the time between tax days, from anywhere to every in-game day or every in-game month. You can change the cost of owning a horse or a house, from 5 gold to 2000, and much, much, more. Plus there's a handy guidebook that's given to you in-game to explain all the features. Simple Tax adds to the immersion of the game immensely, and gives a lore-friendly way of keeping down the massive amount of gold the Dovahkiin tends to collect.


Features Overview

Simple Taxes has all the following features, almost all of which are customizable through its MCM:

Time Between Tax Days
Tax Value for Houses
Tax Value for Horses
Tax Value for Followers
Tax Property Enabled for Houses
Tax Property Enabled for Horses
Tax Property Enabled for Followers
Debt System
Debt System Enabled
Add Guidebook
Manual Compatibility
Immersive Taxing
Refusal Bounties

Features Details
The guidebook added to your player when the renting begins explains all of the features, but I'll talk about them here too, albeit a bit quicker.

Time Between Rent Days:
A slider in Simple Taxes' MCM will allow you to set the amount of time between each rent day. 
Tax Value for Houses:
You can set the value, in gold, each house will be worth. This value is multiplied by the amount of houses you own.
Tax Value for Horses:
You can set the value, in gold, each horse will be worth. This value is multiplied by the amount of horses you own.
Tax Value for Followers:
You can set the value, in gold, each follower will be worth. This value is multiplied by the amount of followers you own. Note: This mod does not autodetect follower numbers, you will have to do that manually in the menu.
Property Tax Enabled for Houses:
You can toggle taxing for houses on and off. When house renting is off, no gold will be deducted on tax days for houses.
Property Tax Enabled for Horses:
You can toggle taxing for horses on and off. When house renting is off, no gold will be deducted on tax days for horses.
Property Tax Enabled for Followers: 
You can toggle taxing for followers on and off. When house renting is off, no gold will be deducted on follower days for horses.
Debt System:
If you don't have enough money for a tax day, then as much as can be paid will be deducted from you, and the amount you could not pay will be remembered. On the next tax day, the extra money you didn't pay last time will be added on to the cost of the tax day. This effect stacks.
Debt System Enabled:
If you don't want to use the aforementioned debt system, then you can easily toggle it off through the MCM, and any money you were unable to pay will be forgotten.
Add Guidebook:
In case you lose the manual to Simple Taxes, you can re-add it.
Manual Compatibility:
Add a house or horse to your taxes manually - so now your mod-added horses/houses can be taxed too!
Immersive Taxing:
When enabled, a courier will come to collect taxes, rather than gold being taken automatically from your inventory.
Refusal Bounties:
If you refuse to pay your taxes and this is enabled, then a bounty will be added to the holds.


Mod Manager Installation

1) Download Simple Taxes with your mod manager of choice.
2) Activate Simple Taxes in your mod manager of choice.
3) Play and lose money. In the best way possible.

Manual Installation

1) Download Simple Taxes manually.
2) Extract or copy the contents of the archive to your Skyrim/Data folder.
3) Check SimpleTaxes.esp in your launcher.
4) Play.


Mod Manager Uninstallation

1) Double click Simple Taxes in your mod manager of choice.
2) Play without Simple Taxes...

Manual Uninstallation

1) Uncheck SimpleTaxes.esp in your launcher.
2) Delete the files associated with Simple Taxes.
- You only actually need to delete SimpleTaxes.esp under Skyrim/Data
3) Play without Simple Taxes. 


Q: Does this mod work without SkyUI?
A: Actually, yes. You're very astute random reader. However, you can't customize any of the options without SkyUI, so you'll have to stay with the default. I haven't tested it without SkyUI, but it should theoretically work. If you care to test it for me, then tell me the results of your test in the comments. 
Q: Is this compatible with [Insert House/Horse Mod Here]?
A: Simple Taxes is compatible with all of the vanilla and DLC horses and houses. This is based on a statistic that is set when the player acquires the house or horse. If the mod in question sets the stat, then it will work. Otherwise, it will not. If you're a modder looking to make your mod compatible with Simple Taxes, see this sticky post. However, manual compatibility (found in the MCM) will allow you to change this statistic easily to add compatibility.
Q: Will this mod cause save game bloats?
A: No.
Q: It's not working/I hate you/You broke my game!
A: I very much doubt that Simple Taxes broke your entire game, but if it did, then tell me what happened and I'll try to fix it. But be as specific as possible. Telling me "Simple Taxes broke my game" won't get me or you anywhere, and your game-crippling bug will never be fixed.
Q: Can you add [Insert likely very cool feature here]?
A: I'm very open to suggestions, and while I don't always have a lot of time due to my other project, if the idea is possible or interesting I'll certainly try to implement it, though I can't guarantee it will make the next version. Also, if I dislike the idea it will not be included.


Simple Taxes should not be incompatible with any other mods. However, not all mod-added houses or horses will work with the mod. See this sticky post for instructions on how to make your house or horse compatible with Simple Taxes. However, there is a feature called manual compatibility in the MCM so you can

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Thanks to mastabenja and lofgren for help with the magic effect part of this. I'm hopeless with that sort of thing.
Thanks to Stan Karpinski for the idea.