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Spell Charging gives you the ability to make your spells stronger and last longer by holding down the spell key.

The thing about Skyrim’s spell-casting is that it teases you with a charging mechanic that never really goes anywhere outside of delaying it. So this mod aims to overhaul the spell-casting experience by simply making the activity more worthwhile.

This is also something for modders like myself. You are free to use this as a framework or use it as a base for your own mods. It works well enough on its own though.

Brodual featured this mod! Check it out!

Demo video showcasing v1.006

How It Works:

Basically, you hold the spell button. If you check the spell, you’ll notice its magnitude and duration increase. At certain points, your character would also play a certain animation to show its charge level (which can be used in other mods like Spell Chaining).

Charge time is dependent on your skill in that particular school of magic as well as the magicka cost. Higher magicka cost means lesser time to charge. If you think charging is important to your play, then perhaps invest in magicka regen enchantments over the magicka cost.

  • Increase spell strength and duration by holding down the charge button
  • Makes magicka regen more appealing
  • A book that details this mechanic is available once you open up the game with the mod installed (NOTE: Don't forget to open the book at least once so that you learn the ability)
  • Works as a framework for other mods to use

Check Out:
  • Spell Chaining - one way Spell Charging powers a completely different mod; gives you the ability to trigger devastating effects based on the combination of charged destruction spells you throw at your target
  • golem09's Spell Charging - Requiem Fix and New Balancing - a modified Spell Charging mod based on v1.0096's code; doesn't require the original Spell Charging, has better integration with Requiem, has better integration with certain PerMa features (like sneaking), and includes a bunch of new balancing options

Known Issues
  • Currently, mods that add controlmap.txt to data/interface/controls/pc blocks activation of the mod - that is currently being addressed; many, many, many thanks to SwagothUr for finding the likely root cause of the issue
  • Confirmed to be the More Hotkeys Please mod
  • Fixed as of v1.009
  • Staffs cause unpredictable behavior; nothing game breaking, but certainly outside the intentions of the mod

I hate to say this guys, but I'm stopping my modding activities for the time being. There's just too much going on right now. Thanks for all the support!

Changes to v1.0096
  • Spell's numbers will no longer show any increase, but will still be affected by charging
  • Fixed the bug wherein charging also causes magnitudes of worn enchantments increase
  • Should fix any speed issue encountered
  • Fixes the magnitude of spells becoming 0
  • Includes any 1.009 fix/update
  • Save first before updating; overwrite all the spell charging files and then read the book in-game

Changes to v1.0095
  • Spell's numbers are now fiddled with again; magnitude and duration (if it has any) of the spell that you're charging will increase and it will show in the menu - this number reverts to its original numbers when you cast again
  • Fixed the bug wherein charging also causes magnitudes of worn enchantments increase
  • Should fix any speed issue encountered
  • Includes any 1.009 fix/update

Changes to v1.0091
  • Fixed the magnitude exploit where keeping one hand in a charging state and firing a spell with the other hand would still apply the magnitude increase on the off-hand spell
  • Fixed the charging limit - apparently I forgot to place that in from the last update
  • Make sure you have v1.009 first, then install this update, then read the Spell Charging book
  • Huge, huge thanks to Obliviotter and his small team of testers for reporting some really critical bugs for both Spell Charging and Spell Chaining

Changes to v1.009
  • Removed a few obsolete MCM options 
  • Magnitude and duration increase no longer appears in the menu, but it can still be seen and felt in play
  • Compatible now with More Hotkeys Please (or any other mod that adds controlmap.txt hopefully)
  • More stable and optimized script
  • Fixed bug that continues charging while in menu
  • Fixed massive bug wherein magnitude/duration of spell becomes 0
  • Fixed magnitude bug jumping to the moon
  • Fixed Spell Charging not working at all (at least for most players hopefully)
  • Please, please, PLEASE follow the update instructions otherwise it won't work

Updating to v1.009
  • Open up the console (~ key) and type:
  • help charging
  • Then, look for one that says:
  • "BOOK: (0X000D66) Spell Tome: Spell Charging"
  • If you can't find it, press pgUp (page up) from your keyboard
  • Take note of the code in the parenthesis, X should be something else
  • Type in that code in the console along with the command:
  • player.removeitem 0X000D66 1
  • Again, X should be different
  • Type in again, but with a different command:
  • player.additem 0X000D66 1
  • Read the Spell Charging book

* See changes tab for previous versions


  • Just place all the files into the data folder

  • It’s pretty much script-based, and I made no edits to vanilla objects, so it should work with any mod (though you could always do a TesVEdit clean just to be safe?)
  • For its visualization, it uses keywords (MagicDamageFire, MagicDamage, etc) and the school of magic - this means any unique custom spells might not have any indicator that you’re charging

According to ielmg, the mod is compatible with the following:

And according to ryogaa, the mod is compatible with:

According to ghussak, the mod is compatible with:
  • Requiem (in his case, it's at the bottom of his mod list)

Also, Alexmancer says that the mod is compatible with:

According to Al99, the mod is compatible with:

Obliviotter says the mod is compatible with:

Many thanks to these players who informed me that those mods are indeed compatible!

Known Issues:
  • Immediately charging a spell after firing one (less than 0.5 seconds) will not charge it; player has to wait for about half a second after firing to get a proper charge cycle going
  • Sometimes, the charge level indicator would still play immediately after firing a charged spell
  • I actually never tested this with voice powers, but I doubt it’d work
  • Since this is script-based, performance will vary depending on whether or not you tinkered with your .ini files and if you have other script-heavy mods installed; I can't help you much there, but this might help (many thanks to falador wiz1 for helping me out)

  • There are three global variables that change the balancing of the mod and can be manipulated via the CK:

    • _SChChargeLimitGlobal - determines the maximum charges (default is 5)
    • _SChChargeMultGlobal - affects charge strength accumulation (default is 0.025, higher is better)
    • _SChChargeTimerGlobal - affects charging speed (default is 0.015, higher means faster charge)

  • There are two global variables that can be used in-conjunction with other mods

    • _SCChargeLevelGlobal - tracks the current charge level
    • _SCChargeElementID - tracks the element of the current spell (though it’s unused at the moment)


I always release my stuff open and free (script sources, ahoy!), but please attribute my work properly if you show it off to others. You may use this mod however you see fit, and maybe even release your own variant (again, attribution please).