Spell Chaining (Spell Combos V2) by Leron9999
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Spell Chaining gives you the ability to trigger devastating effects based on the combination of charged destruction spells you throw at your target. You can also absorb your charged spells to give yourself beneficial buffs in combat (elemental resistance, faster movement, etc). Note that this requires my Spell Charging Framework mod.

This is a complete overhaul of my old Spell Combos mod. Essentially version 2.0 of that mod, its design and architecture are drastically different so I figured I’d make a new page instead (sorry v1 fans).

Brodual featured my mod! Check it out!

I hate to say this guys, but I'm stopping my modding activities for the time being. There's just too much going on right now. Thanks for all the support!

Changes to v2.053
  • Added new options in MCM: Enable/Disable Spell Absorption, Configure Absorb Key
  • Fixed bug wherein changing the block key does not work
  • New Spell Chains coming in the next update!
  • Special note: In my playtesting, when I updated from v2.050, the MCM did not show up even while waiting; I added a duplicate of the MCM for Spell Chaining to make it appear, so there might be a chance you'd have two Spell Chaining menus
  • Reuploaded v2.053 without the testing lines; mod should work properly now (thanks to XsyousX123 for giving me the heads up)

How Spell Chaining Works:
  • Charge a Destruction spell and hit the enemy with it to store a charge into the enemy; you can keep storing charges as long as it’s the same element
  • Hit the same enemy with a different charged element; if the sum of your target’s charges reach the minimum charge requirement, you’ll trigger a Spell Chain

How Spell Absorption Works:

  • Charge a spell of any school of magic, then cancel it by “sheathing” (“R” key by default) - potency and duration of the buff depends on the charge level (check your active magic effects)
  • Absorbed elemental Destruction spells also enable you to store charges or trigger Spell Chains via melee attacks; one charge for normal attack, two charges for power attacks (‘cos I like you battlemages)

  • Trigger elemental chains by hitting an enemy with one type of Destruction spell and follow-up with another spell of a different type
  • Effects trigger based on the charge level of the spell (which is why Spell Charging is required)
  • Even if you don’t have enough charges, you can still deal greater damage along with a stagger effect
  • Triggered chains beyond the minimum level amplify the effect
  • Spells can be “absorbed” by performing a sheathe (draw weapon) while charging; different schools of magic do different things
  • Block with a spell in hand and a weapon in another (you battlemages, you) with the damage reduction based on the spell’s school of magic rather than block skill; “V” key by default, but can be set by using a power I created (sorry, no MCM yet)
  • In-game books containing the specifics of the mod is added upon loading the game the first time with the mod installed (NOTE: Don't forget to open the books at least once so that you learn the ability)


  • Ensure that Spell Charging is installed and in a higher load order
  • Place all the files into the data folder

  • Like v1, it’s script-based, and it uses its own objects - no edited vanilla items (though you could always do a TesVEdit clean just to be safe?)
  • Since this mod uses keywords (MagicDamageFire, MagicDamageFrost, etc) along with my Spell Charging Framework, any custom mods that uses non-charging and non-elemental spells won’t trigger anything
  • Unfortunately, this version won’t make enchanted elemental weapons trigger spell chains since it doesn’t use a charging mechanic; weapons are still good though via the spell absorb feature (no need for weapon enchants for that one, too)

Known Issues:
  • Sometimes spell charging won't work after performing a spell chain; try sheathing and then drawing your weapon first
  • If you do an Illusion absorb (slow time), then switch to a rune spell for charging, it charges as if it were a calm spell (tested with fire rune)
  • Hit events are a pain as usual, so expect random triggering of chain spells if you chain-spam an enemy (doesn’t happen often at least… I hope)

Future Plans:
  • I expect bugs, so I’ll try to fix those first
  • Balancing issues will likely arise, so I’ll try to fix those as well
  • More chains (I’ve been trying this since v1) using other schools of magic
  • Things to do with the absorption mechanic
  • Later on: MCM integration

I always release my stuff open and free (Script sources, ahoy!), but please attribute my work properly if you show it off to others. You may use this mod however you see fit, and maybe even release your own variant (again, attribution please).