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After using other mods, some of which are phenomenal; I decided it was time to throw my hat in the ring, for better of worse. I have been tweaking mods for my personal use for a while. For what it is worth, it is time to give back.

I noticed most of the player homes were located around the capital cities, with a scattering in the outlying areas. For those of us playing Frostfall it created some challenges, especially in the cold North.

For those that do not want, or use General Stores, I have included a GS-free version for your gaming pleasure.

I chose Dawnstar for a couple reasons. First, the Hearthfire house is way to far from anywhere. Second, if you do not play the Dark Brotherhood line you do not have access to their hideout in Dawnstar. So, I decided Dawnstar needed a simple player house just outside of town near the crossroads, the Dawnstar Retreat. If you want fancy look elsewhere because this is not it.

Dawnstar Retreat is a simple farmhouse with a bed for your follower in the basement. Instead of going overboard, I decided to keep it simple. There are two versions of this house available, one uses General Stores. There is also a NON-GS version available.

The General Stores version has item/crafting specific storage containers though out the house, to include an unburden fountain at the front door.

The NON-General Stores version has a modest amount of storage space without going overboard.

Not only will the fireplace keep you warm, it has a cooking station with containers handy to prepare your meals for those long journeys.

Some added perks include four shrines near the front door. The shrines of Akatosh, Arkay, Nocturnal or Stendar will give you that extra boost before you begin your day.

In the basement you have a full crafting area. The smelter is on the North side of the house. The followers room is also in the basement.

There is a stable for your mount just South of the house set for fast travel. So no trying to push your mount out of the way to get into the house.

The house is fully navmeshed for your follower. I have tested this with an NPC and a pet.


Latest and greatest version of Skyrim.
Harvey2112's General Stores only if using the General Stores version.


Extensible Follower Framework - EFF. So other follower mods should work as well.
Follower Live Package Thanks Justmeagain.
Amazing Follower Tweeks Thanks Justmeagain.
Immersive Settlements
Lanterns on the Roads
Immersive Patrols
Expanded Towns and Cities


None at this time.

Please checkout the VERSION area for version information.


Overwrite the old .ESP with the new one.


As this is my first mod, there might be some issues. Please let me know what they are so I can fix them ASAP. For those not using General Stores, I have added a GS-Free version for your gaming pleasure.