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Worn Armor Effects
By GrandBulwark

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Thanks to the Nexus Moderator Micalov for the inspiration(Great Mods at link, mostly for Fallout New Vegas)

This mod is really quite simple, it applies the following effects to the player based upon the armor that they wear. Note you MUST be wearing at least three pieces of the armor for it to apply.

    Ebony Set - Resist Fire, Fortify Heavy ArmorDaedric Set - Damage Reflect, Resist MagicDragonScale/Plate - Reduce amount of time between shoutsDwarven - Poison Resist, Fortify SmithingElven - Resist Magic, Fortify Light ArmorAnimal Skins(Hide, Scaled, Leather) - Resist Disease, Resist Frost, Weakness to FireIron - Weakness to Frost, Fortify Heavy ArmorOrcish - Fortify Smithing, Fortify OnehandedImperial - Fortify SpeechStormcloak -(Sets are cobbled together, cannot be applied directly hence the 3 item minimum rather than 4)Steel/Steelplate - Weakness to lightning, Fortify Heavy ArmorGlass - Resist Lightning, Fortify Light Armor

Note, these effects at the time being apply only to the player. I am working on a way to rectify this issue; hopefully without scripts. Next also note that the hold guard and stormcloak armors, as well as the elven gilded armor only have on object keyworded in their set. This is why you only need three items for the effects to apply, as these sets cannot be altered or changed. Also, mods and DLCs will work fine as well; though some of the effects may not make as much sense. In some cases mods do not have the correct keywords, so they will not show up at all. I will NOT be making individual patches for mods, if a mod author wishes to do so I'm fine with that.

This mod is compatible with everything!

Do not use integrate, reupload or redistribute my mod without my direct consent; no uploads permissions for Steam will be granted, period.

Enjoy the mod folks