8-bit Skyrim Theme Music by GrandBulwark
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Added: 27/06/2014 - 06:11AM
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8-bit Skyrim Theme Music made release ready by Grandbulwark

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This song was brought to my attention in chat. It is not my song, I just converted it to skyrim's format and packaged it to be compatible with NMM/Mod Manager Installation.
The Author - FloatingPointMusic
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Legal Documentation

Video also made by the author, merely plays the song.

Simply place mere the data folder with Skyrims by dragging and dropping the entire folder to Skyrim's Root Directory

Or use a mod sorting software(Nexus Mod Manager, Mod Organizer, Wyre Bash etc.) to install the mod for you. No .esps/.esms/.bsas, no activation necessary.

Delete the "mus_maintheme.xwm" from the "Data/Music/Special" folder. Or uninstall with your favorite mod manager.

Will conflict only with other mods changing the Skyrim Maim Theme. No hard edits have been done, so no .esp/.esm is required.