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New craftable sword, done from scratch, 4k textures, high quality model and custom scabbard. Includes both 1h and 2h versions. Its craftable.
Includes a powerful, unique, antique version found in the world.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds a new sword called Valkyrja with the following characteristics:

- Detailed model with custom scabbard.
- 4k and 2k textures available, all done from scratch including cubemap. With the appropiate compression format.
- Two handed (Great Valkyrja) and one handed (Valkyrja) versions.
- Craftable in steel section (requires dwarven smithing perk) with steel, dwarven metal, leather and leather strips.
-There are also two "swapping" recipes, so that you can change from 1h to 2h and the other way aroung at any forge (you need an extra steel ingot to go from 1h to 2h)
- You can improve them at a grindstone or enchant them.
- One handed sword has reduced speed and increased reach according to its size.
- the base vaues for weight, damage etc, are the following:
>Valkyrja: 12 damage, 10 weight, 0.85 speed, 1.15 reach, value 500.
>Great Valkyrja: 20 damage, 15 weight, default greatsword speed and reach, value 500.
- Compatible out of the box with dual sheath mods (but doesnt require them)
- Optional one handed scabbard for swords on back and similar mods (see screenshots)
- Packed in a bsa so it doesnt clutter you data folder.

- Antique Valkyrja included in v2, it's an unique sword that belonged to a nord warrior, the tale says he died in the path to high hrothgar, so it may be a good place to start looking.
It's enchanted with frost damage and both its base damage and the enchantment depend on the level you are when it loads (you get close to it, even if you dont take it) just as chillrend does. That way no matter what level you are when you install the mod it will be useful, in level 46 and up it can be very powerful.
Unfortunately, the nord warrior lost his scabbard before freezing to death, so a simple leather sheath replaces it.
The groups of levels are the following:
1-10; 11-18; 19-26; 27-35; 36-45 and 46+
Base damage will be the same as greatswords of that level and enchantment will go from 5 to 30 of frost damage to both health and stamina.


videos by brodual, dptheslothking, hodilton, raaaasmus, ruiuji and slytra, thanks :)
(last one is a turntable i did)


I recommed using NMM, but you can do it manually, simply download the version of your choice and drop in "Data" folder the two files inside the compressed archive:
The two must remain together and should not be renamed.
For the optionals drop the content of the compressed archive in "Data" folder and let it merge folders.
Then activate the .esp in the launcher or the mod manager you use.
To uninstall if you choosed to install it manually, delete those files.


just install the new version on top, two files should be replaced or use NMM, if you use the alternative 1h version dont forget to update it too.


Should be compatible with anything, v2 adds the ancient valkyrja and some bones to the world but doesnt modity any vanilla object, it also uses chillrend enchantment effect so mods modifying it may affect mine, if it causes trouble i can make a copy of the effect and should solve any issue.
The mod has been cleaned with tes5edit.


>v1:Initial release.
-Great valkyrja (2h) requires one more steel ingot, the swapping recipes have also be changed, requiring an extra steel ingot to go from 1h to 2h.
-Value of 2h increased according to the extra material needed to craft it.
-Dwarven smithing requirement on crafting recipes at it uses dwarven metal.
-Ancient valkyrja added.
-Reduced size and thickness of the one handed version sword to mostly match iron sword.
-Reduced saturation of pommel and crossguard as well as tweaking the cubemaps.


>About ancient valkyrja not appearing:
I've checked in ck and the dummy object is there and linked to the leveled list wich links to the 6 valkyrjas with the appropiate level. Chance of no spawn is 0 so that part should work.
So, for some reason, the dummy is not spawning anything for some people (at least it has worked for me everytime i checked), solutions i can think of are:

-starting a new save game (not the best one...)
-leave the cell and wait for the time needed so that it respawns.

second option seems to be the best, so if the sword doesn't appear go to a city for example, that way you can be sure you have left the cell, wait for it to respawn, and then type in the console:coc HHpathShrine09

the time needed for a cell to respawn is 10 days or 30 days if it's cleared (plus an extra day to be sure), for an exterior cell i guess it's 10 days. but that time can be changed temporaly (haven't tested this):

Commands for the reset:
setgs iHoursToRespawnCell 1
setgs iHoursToRespawnCellCleared 1

Reapply the vanilla settings:
setgs iHoursToRespawnCell 240
setgs iHoursToRespawnCellCleared 720

other options are:
-changing timescale with console, but i think it can lead to script errors and such.
- this mod that makes easier waiting for a lot of days, but still as read in it's description:

Rest/Wait for 31 days is equivalent to 12 minutes (real time).
If you want you can drastically reduce the waiting time following this procedure:
1) Open Console >> write TFC push Enter >> quit the console
2) Wait/Rest
3) Open Console >> write TFC push enter

======== for sword design. for scabbard design.
Leave the copyright talk to the moderators and away from the comments section, thanks in advance.


I really appreciate positive or negative-constructive comments, user screenshots and videos, thanks in advance and hope you like it.