Immersive Armors for NPCs Revisited by GrandBulwark
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Immersive Armors for NPCs Revisited by GrandBulwark

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What this mod requires;
Immersive Armors by hothtrooper44
Dawnguard for the Main Plugin, Skyrim only version also provided.

What this mod does;
This mod replaces several armors in game. This mod does not add template armors, but rather performs model swaps at the record level. This ensures that the vanilla armor balance is maintained as all armor stats, tempering recipes and the like are from the original armor, rather than from the Immersive Armors set I've replaced them with. I have not changed the world models, so you can tell the difference in your inventory between say the Falkreath Immersive Armor Proper, and the Falkreath Guard Armor that I replaced with it.

This mod does NOT Target any specific NPCs. It takes a more global approach than it's predecessors in that the armors themselves are edited; rather than changing default outfits. This means that my changes are everywhere, rather than just on a few different NPCs here and there. There are no outfit edits currently, though at some point I may add them for specific NPCs.

This mod replaces ALL town guard armors with Immersive armors equivalents at the MODEL level only. Meaning all items retain their usual enchantments, stats and the like but LOOK like the armors I've swapped their models with.
  • Falkreath = Falkreath Armor
  • Morthal = Hedge Knight
  • Solitude = Heroic Imperial
  • Windhelm(Stormcloaks) = Heroic Stormcloak
  • Dawnstar = Snow Bear
  • Winterhold = Spellbinder w/Black fur hood
  • Whiterun = Warchief w/Headdress
  • Riften = Bosmer Engraved
  • Markarth = Einherjar Brigandine Dark ArmorAlso Edited;
  • The Karliah Armor now uses default Thieves guild textures, it is a bugfix that allows thieves guild armor retextures to apply to Karliah's Armor.
  • All or most of the robes in the game have been replaced; Generic mages and necromancer robes are a combination of Ebony Mage, Dwarven Mage, Dragonhide Mage, Shaman Robes and Tribunal robes of assorted colors. Because I applied it to the template armors, enchanted robes will also use these models.
  • Shrouded Robes(not the basic DB armor) = Black Tribunal Robes
  • Ancient Shrouded Armor(Not Basic DB armor) = Boethiah's Ritual Armor
  • Armor of the Old Gods(Basic forsworn armor unaffected)= Heavy Bosmer Wild Hunt
  • Linwe's Armor = Vagabond Leather Armor
  • Predator's Grace Boots = Boethiah Ritual Boots
  • Redguard Clothing = Redguard Knight Armor
  • Blades Armor = Akaviri Samurai
  • Holfdir's Shield = Nordic Dwemer Shield
  • Shield of Solitude = Nordic Ebony Shield
  • Herebane's Fortress Shield = Nordic Moonstone Shield
DLC Addon for Dawnguard;Dawnguard Faction Armor = Paladin ArmorCompatibility;This mod will be compatible with anything that does not edit the armors above. Texture and mesh swaps are fine in that they won't conflict, but they also won't show up. Anything effecting the textures of immersive Armors, will also effect these.Notes;This mod is about replacing default armors with better options. That doesn't necessarily mean that Skyrim will be more diverse, it will in fact be a bit less so. The aim is quality over quantity. If you want an armor set replaced, post in the comments. If you want one removed the I suggest you fire up TES5EDIT and delete the armor record for the armor in question. It's not hard, the naming conventions make sense.Installation;Install via your favorite mod manager, via the usual method. Manual: Extract the Archive to the data folder and activate the .esp in the launcherUninstallThis mod does not use any scripts. It is safe to remove at any time. To remove, just deactivate the .esp and remove it from the data folder.
  • Big thanks to Hothtrooper44 for his work on Immersive Armors; without which this mod would not be possible. Also a personal thanks to him for being a cool guy and helping me out when I was new here. Also big thanks for letting me use Immersive Armors banners!
  • Big thanks to Eckss for his work on immersive Armors; well scripted my friend! A personal thanks to him for helping me learn to script and being patient with all my dumb questions.
  • Big thanks to Madcat221 for a lot of TES5EDIT inquiries.
  • And last but not least a big thanks to Dark0ne, for creating an amazing hosting website for mod users like you and I
Thanks Guys!Legal;This mod does not use any assets from Immersive Armors. The .esp, I'm sharing with you for personal use; it is not to be uploaded in part, or in full by anyone, anywhere without my permission. Translations are fine, no permissions necessary but you need to send me a link so I can add it here.
This mod references assets from Immersive Armors, and due to that if either Eckss or Hothtrooper ask me to remove it; I will without question. It should also be noted that in the event I go inactive for a period of 6 months, this mod should be transferred to the care of either Eckss or Hothtrooper to update or remove at their own discretion.

Q:What do I need to make this mod work as described?
A:The Mod itself(Skyrim version, Dawnguard Version or both if you wan't the changes from both). you need the latest copy of Immersive Armors, it is unlikely that IA updates will invalidate this mod; it's made to be compatible with future IA releases. You also need an up to date copy of Skyrim, Steam connected ofc.

Q:Is this mod safe to try out and then remove?
A:As safe as any mod is. While I don't suggest ripping an .esp from a load order ever, the mod does not use scripts and therefore can be removed. I strongly suggest that you try it, backup your save from before it was loaded, see if you like it, if not remove and load your old save.

Q:Is this mod resource heavy?
A:No more so than Immersive Armors. If you are having performance issues, have a look at My Guide

    Version 2.1 Dawnguard File Only Update
  • Resolved Invisible Dawnguard ArmorVersion 2.0
  • fixed all errors resulting from a bad merge.
  • Holfdir's Shield(Jarl of Markarth quests) is now Nordic Dwemer
  • The Shield of Solitude(NOT Solitude Guards) Is now Nordic Ebony [*]Redguard Clothing is now Redguard Knight [*]Herebane's Fortress is now a Nordic Moonstone Shield [*]Blades Armor is now Akaviri Samurai Armor [*]Ancient Shrouded Armor(NOT Default Shrouded armor) Is the ritual Armor of Boethiah. [*]Added several missed robes [*]Predator's Grace is now a pair of Boethiah Ritual Boots [*]Removed "Mantled" and "Hooded" from all robe titles where applicable [*]Removed Edits to Psijiic Robes, as it was already unique.[*]Linwe's Armor to Vagabond Leather Armor1.3 UpdateUSKP keywords removed, Armor material keyword revamp, Dawnguard version is now main version and contains both Skyrim and Dawnguard edits to reduce user load orders.1.2 Update[*]fixed Imperial and Stormcloak helmet baldness issue. (No updates to DG version)1.1 Update[*]Fixed Hold Guard helmet invisible faces issue. (No Updates to DG version)
This a is just a moment I'd like to take out to thank the users who have been friendly and helpful to me. I may periodically add more, bad memory and all that! Sorry if I forget anyone! No particular order.Hothtrooper44, Eckss, Deapri, SilentSpike69, Madcat221, Necronom12, Millenia, MotoSxorpio, AceGoober, Micalov, Colector, Gromulos, TokyoBleach, SikSikSikki, Ball11, BlackHeart6004, LarryTheLettuce, Spphy, Tenshi, Forzane, Kimberlee, Fallout10mm, AddictedBloo and more to come. I'm sure I missed some!