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Somber 3 and Somber luce lucida, two presets inspired by Somber ENB by Tansarville. Both presets feature full weather support and are based on default Skyrim lighting and weather.

Permissions and credits

Somber Dreams is a a collection of ENB presets based on Somber ENB by Tansarville. This mod page (previously titled "Somber 3 ENB") will host older Somber presets such as Somber Antique and Somber Unchained in addition to Somber 3 and the upcoming Somber luce lucida (lucid light).

Somber 3 represents a stage of development succeeding Somber Antique 2.x  and can be considered the third generation of Somber ENB. Somber 3 is a hazy, moody ENB preset with cinematic elements.  In contrast, Somber luce lucida is a clearer, colder, more fantasy-themed preset using some of the most advanced shader effects thanks to Prod80 and Tansarville.  Although she is not the author of luce lucida, Tansarville's contribution to this effort can not be adequately expressed.  Without her expertise, guidance and dedication, this preset would simply not have been possible.

  1. Remove all files and folders associated with previously installed ENB presets (including Somber presets) except the enblocal.ini file. This file is specific to your system and must be retained. No enblocal.ini is provided with this preset.
  2. Place enbhost.exe and d3d9.dll from the wrapper folder of the latest ENB archive available from ENBdev in your skyrim folder. Note: If you are using a laptop with dual graphics (integrated and discrete) you may need to use the enbseries.dll, enbhost.exe and ENBInjector.exe files from the injector folder of the archive instead.
  3. Place enbseries folder and enbseries.ini in your skyrim folder
  4. Install Somber 3 DATA (I suggest using a mod manager rather than extracting loose files). If you use SMIM, you may choose not to overwrite SMIM's files as they include Mindflux's updated meshes
  5. Disable all AA (Anti-aliasing) and AF (Anisotropic filtering) options in your GPU drivers and disable AA and AF in the Skyrim Launcher
  6. Make the following edits to your SkyrimPrefs.ini file:

  • bFloatPointRenderTarget=1
  • bDoDepthOfField=1
  • bShadowsjavascript-event-stripped1
  • bTreesReceiveShadows=1
  • bDrawLandShadows=1
  • bDrawShadows=1
  • iBlurDeferredShadowMask=5

Somber3 and Somber luce lucida were designed to work with default lighting. Any mods that alter lighting will change the way this preset looks. Some of these changes will be subtle and may be to your liking while others will result in lighting levels that are not intentional. As this preset was not tuned for any specific lighting mod, no lighting or weather mods will be supported.

    Revamped Exterior Fog (Somber 3 only)
    This mod is necessary due to how Somber 3 ENB was tuned.  It is not required for Somber luce luida.

    Special note on cloud textures:  Somber luce lucida was tuned using ELE cloud textures by JawZ.  Using other cloud textures may provide a very different result based on different alpha levels.  JawZ's textures were used because they provide the proper amount of luminance and are not distracting.  However, they have seams, so they may not be acceptable to everyone.  Please keep this in mind when choosing your cloud textures.

Somber ENB was tuned with these mods and each has its reasons for being used with this ENB preset.

Compatibility with the enbhelper.dll solves many problems and allows for weathers to be tuned individually. My first priority with weather support has been to correct anomalous lighting conditions and not to create wildly unusual weathers.If you encounter any problems with weathers, please report them by providing the following information and I'll do my best to address the issue:
  • post a screenshot in the comments thread, resized to 800 pixels or less in width (maintaining aspect ratio) - images larger than this will be deleted
  • location of screenshot (e.g. Whiterun hold)
  • in-game time (or expand and show the "statistics" section of the ENB GUI when you take a screenshot)
  • weather ID - found by opening up the ENB GUI and selecting "show weather window" (you can provide either the weather file name or the ID code (e.g. "SkyCldTU" or "10A243")
All of this information can be provided in a simple screenshot as shown below (make sure the GUI text is readable - my screen resolution is 2560x1600 - the ENB GUI text will be larger at lower resolutions):
If you don't provide this information there will be little I can do to investigate the issue.

Video of Somber 3 ENB by hodilton - many thanks to him

Somber ENB was created by Tansarville and without her dedication and artistic vision, this preset would not have been possible. UnrealWarfare deserves special mention as Somber ENB was originally based on Unreal Cinema ENB and UnrealWarfare's contribution to Somber ENB must always be recognized. I would like to extend a personal thank you to Kyokushinoyama for allowing the use of his Evolution shaders, without which Somber 3 would not be possible.

Boris Vorontsov - ENB Series developer
Tansarville - Creator of the Somber Series of ENB presets and the Somber Crescent shader; a talented artist, patient teacher and valued friend
Prod80 - Color Grading, Split Tone, Imagespace limits, HSL and other code; countless answers and innovations to benefit the entire Skyrim ENB community
UnrealWarfare - inspiration, help and support
HeliosDoubleSix - HD6 Shader code
Matso - Sun textures, original Depth of Field code
IndigoNeko - Active Film Grain
Confidence Man - Water Texture
Trillville - Palette file used on Somber series tweaked from his palette
Jawz - original enbeffect.fx file, GUI coding, Sunprite texture and sky mesh
gp65cj04 - Tilt Shift DOF
Kyokushinoyama - Sunsprite file,Tilt Shift DOF, Cinematic DOF, Bloom code and lens shader
Mindflux - Particle Patch & Further Dark Dungeons, Flora meshes and SSS patches
Opethfeldt - Sunsprite texture
Tapioks - Shader Package Port - SweetFX shader (in older versions of the Somber presets)
Midhras - Optional DOF file
Ewi65 - DoF files
WolfGrimDark - support, testing, guidance, encouragement and sanity
Alexander Blade for enbhelper.dll
amoebae for lens textures (and xnienke for the actual texture used)
kingeric1992 - enbeffectprepass.fx

This ENB preset is for personal use only. You are not permitted to redistribute these files without express permission from the author(s).  For use of the Somber Crescent ENB shader file used by Somber luce lucida, please contact Tansarville.