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CHINA YYK shared by cnyylzy123456789

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Thios is a rebalance of the original mod from cnyylzy123456789

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Hey guys, i presents you my rebalance of the original mod from cnyylzy123456789 (thanks for sharing !), a awesome katana mod, very good textures and meshes. But the weapons was overpowered, so I aimed to change that.



Damage=12 for One handed and 18 for two handed (a little more than the skyforge weapons, the damage were x4 or x5 times raised than now).
Silver sword: Damage x 2 against undead.
Critical chance down to 50% (100% in the original mod)
Value = 500 for steeled weapons (4500 in the original mod)
Value = 600 for silvered weapons.
Like the weapons got the same meshes, the same model, their weight and attackspeed are the same.

Now you will need more weapons materials to craft those sword.
-1 gold ingot (pommel and decorations)
-1 refined moonstone + 8 leather strips (grip)
-2 steel ingot for the the blade
OPTIONNAL: 1 silver ingot for the silver version, especially effective against undead (Damage x2).

I added a silver version of sword, you need the steel sword + 1 silver ingot to craft them.

-Steel swords: Damage=12 for One handed and 18 for two handed
-Silver swords: Damage=10 for One handed and 15 for two handed // Damage x 2 against undead.
-Value = 400 for steeled weapons (4500 in the original mod)
-Value = 500 for silvered weapons.
-Critical chance: 10% for 1handed, 20% for 2handed.
-Critical damage: Almost basic damage*1.50
-Stagger: 0.750 for 1handed and 1.0 for 2handed
-Speed attack: 1.0000 for 1handed & 2handed
-Since they get the same models, I assume that they have the same weight and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think that using a sword with 2 hands is slower than using the same weapon with one hand.
-Added the Yoto Hatamomba Katana, one Daedra Heart will be necessary for the craft (Blood enchant)(Requested).

About the lower speed attack edition:

I accept a request and upload a version with lower speed attack, originally the weapon speed was 1.2000 because the katana are lighter than a western sword.
In this edition, the weapon speed is now equals to 1.0000 (and I also decrease slightly the weapon's reach).


Download the Original mod here:
-Bishu Osafune ju Morikage Katana and Tachi
-Fudou Myouou Katana and Tachi
-Katana - Yoto Hatamonba
Then download mine and overwrite the sword_name.esp

This mod is compatible with:
-Fudou Myouou Katana and Tachi with blood


-If something goes wrong or if there is a bug, please inform me. It's the first time that I use the Creation Kit.
-The silver and steel version have the same texture, I do not know how to modify texture. If someone can create a silvered blade version, he can help me.
-Screens aren't mine.
-I'm french, if i commit mistakes, do not hesitate to tell it to me.