Fudou Myouou Katana and Tachi by China-YYK Moral cat
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Added: 09/05/2014 - 12:16PM
Updated: 24/07/2017 - 11:12PM

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Um this time i bring u guys another good katana/tachi by that team, and, of course, there will be more!
just wait, click the button, and u will get another wonderful experience!
Like the katana/tachi i uploaded days ago, this katana is also a really good one. no more than 10,000 tris,
textures are 1Kx1,512x1,512*1024x1,256x1 made from true photos!
In one word, have it, and u won't regret having it!
Hoping for ur Endorsement and votes! Thanks!

OH, this time i made a less powerful version for u! U can also adjust the damage with CK or BLABLABLA....... just do whatever u like!

Short Introduction:

In DLC Acalanatha/Fudou Myouou this Tachi belongs to the final boss. The Dragonborn have to slay him to get
the strongest weapon in this DLC. Take care of ur xxx, hah!

For it is a legendary katana so blood won't remain on it!

How to get:
just carft them in forge! YUMMY!

Just use NMM to install this mod! or use launcher.

Also use NMM to uninstall or use launcher.

model:YYK moral cat Beat the CHIM
textures:YYK Moral-cat
CK:yaotong Patrick

This is the second piece but not the final one! More is waiting to be uploaded! Just pay attention to our series! Pay attention to DLC Acalanatha/Fudou Myouou.
AD:Bishu Osafune ju Morikage Katana and Tachi

That is all! HAVE FUN!