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Hello guys, i come to share another weapon with u.
Like the two weapons mod i have uploaded, u will enjoy this, and what's more, u will find this one is more special! She is so beautiful....
short description:
She is not a katana, she is a devil
very evil! She has her own spirit
She is always eager for blood, never satisfied
enemy killed, blood was drunk
no one can escape from her eyes

Well i tried to write a poem and as u can see, i failed....

It's a special weapon in DLC Fudou Myouou (another one, of course, is Fudou Myouou), in the story, she is a devilseeking for kill and blood. So don't be confused by no bloodedge on this weapon. It's not hard to make one but forthis reason, we don't make it.

How to get it? Just craft it in forge!

Installation/uinstallation: Use NMM

Don't miss this weapon... She will make ur dragonborn more powerful!
Have fun killing!


Moral Cat
Beat the Chimpanzee

the first two weapons:
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