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A sandbox addon for the civil war, giving it more excitement, and a new way to advance civil war events. Adds some fun without the heavyweight complexity of other CW mods, while usually safely running alongside them--Live the soldiers life!

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(read all this. . . I won't answer you if it's covered here)

The Soldiers Life
With the April 2021 update, and the newest file, you will see some very significant changes which I hope you will enjoy as much as I have. I have coalesced many of the concepts of CWRS over the past, and have made it so you can now advance through the Civil War questline by doing CWRS events. The goal here is to create a completely immersive Civil War experience, blended with the dynamic sandbox element of the game itself and events I created. It flows naturally without much prompting. You don't have to talk to anyone to trigger things. The programming does it all for you.

Loads of fun with Requiem, Frostfall, and DAYMOYL. I cannot emphasize this enough. I have it setup so that you can use the events to develop your character, giving things a real sense of purpose if you have both mods settings configured in a certain way. I absolutely love doing this. Never gets old.

Time between siege battles has now been randomized. If you're waiting a long time it's normal. There is a degree of realism here. If you want your game to be all about advancing the civil war, sometimes just hitting "T" while waiting at a camp or wherever is the best way(and sleeping too). There's a good reason why soldiers complain about all the waiting, and this is it. This doesn't mean you can't go about your business doing whatever you want though--alternatively you could go around fort to fort to see if there are Legates within which may have tasks for you, which will also advance the cause. It's entirely up to you. 

The goal here is the same as it has always been; creating an environment where you can base your whole game around the Civil War, living the life of a soldier.

How it works
Essentially you complete siege battles, seek out legates inside forts, do escort missions as directed by those legates, and knock down enemy warlords that show up to get points. Every run of 'The Soldiers Life' requires four completion points. Each objective is repeatable, e.g. knocking down two warlords, completing a siege battle, and doing an escort run =4. You would also get a completion for taking down 4 warlords or completing 4 sieges and so on. Once you go through this process so many times, the events that trigger the first vanilla fort battle will occur -AFTER- you finish The Jagged Crown and The Battle for Whiterun, so do those asap. All of the completion objectives will make themselves apparent to you and you will not have to go searching or asking. You will find that they actually present very naturally and will require little side effort(aside from the escort quests) If you go to each recurring siege event, examine the related forts, it will all unfold for you naturally.

Basically if you are left wondering about the progression of the vanilla Civil War Battles--Just keep going to the sieges, and it will connect and present itself through new instructions and objectives that lead into the vanilla stuff. Nothing is ever 'stuck' along the way. It's all connected to the siege battles to advance things, provided you have completed the three introductory CW vanilla quests: Joining the Legion, The Jagged Crown, and The Battle for Whiterun. CWRS sandbox events will run regardless of your progress with those, but will not lead into the questline battles unless they are completed.

'Back to Base' spell
This is a power I created that will fast travel you back to the military camp you were assigned to. If you are at a point of completion in 'The Soldiers Life' this will warp you to Castle Dour so you can collect your stipend from Tullius. Otherwise it can be used once every 24 game hours to get you back to your camp, and fully restore your hp. It will then offer to port you back to the fort where the current siege is happening. This was mainly done for us requiem users, that want to play CWRS without leveling first, or use CWRS events to level and train. Using this along with the DAYMOYL mod creates a really really cool experience, I must say.


From the start, whether you have joined a side in the civil war or not you will get a messagebox with some options once the game picks up the mod(change locations to trigger if it doesn't trigger automatic):

Full Time Soldier (fast grind)
You'll be locked in as a draftee, and be unable to visit towns or populated areas until about ten completions of "The Hard Soldiers life" This will however, essentially ensure that you will be able to do all the vanilla siege battles in almost direct succession, once you have completed the menagerie of enforced field duties to earn back your freedom. For the duration of this self inflicted punishment, you will also be escorted everywhere you go by a small team of imperial soldiers. You will be automatically transported to siege battles as they occur no matter where you are or what you are doing--participation is mandatory with this selection. This is all about proving yourself and moving past grunt status before tackling the big issues of the world. While this is intensive, 'freedom' can be obtained in a few hours(Earth time), if you stick to it.

Part Time Soldier (slow burn)
Complete about 20 rounds of 'The Soldiers Life' and gradually advance the civil war questline at your leisure. You'll still have your freedom, and no annoying escorts. You won't have to spend your life at military forts and camps away from friends and loved ones, constantly listening to other soldiers moan about how heavy their armour is/how sick they are of the waiting. This option is for those of us that don't want to be locked in, and would prefer the more marathon approach. 

There is also a "Do it the normal way" option, which will hinge on you going to Castle Dour and initiating things there. From that point CWRS will run and deliver events just like it did in the old days--by delivering events once it sees you've taken a side.

-Remove your old CWRS.ESP file before using this or things -will- go very badly wrong. It will not update automatically over old files because the update has new file names and extensions. If you extract the old CWRS.ESP/BSA from a game using it, and put the new 3.0 files in place then reload, things may or may not work. I have personally not tried this. Best on a new game with the new files. 

-I recommend that you download the files manually and be CERTAIN that CWRS.ESM is in your load order BEFORE USLEEP. Otherwise, the progression through the battle of Whiterun and the battle for Windhelm will NOT initiate.

-If possible, put CWRSConscription.ESP before other Civil War mods in your load order. This should allow mods like CWO and others to overwrite some of my minor changes, while still being able to enjoy the core new concepts of CWRS along with the other CW mods, without massively sacrificing the functionality of any of them, this one included. (this is theoretical at this point, but wise practice)

-If you use a mod manager, be certain CWRS.ESM is placed before USLEEP. 

-Make sure the plug is in the wall. (Make sure CWRS.ESM and CWRSConscription.esp are activated. . . Or enjoy the fubar)


-NO STORMCLOAK 'support' for current new version, it's temporary.. I hope.

-There are points where there will be an objective marker and a log entry that appears stuck on "Report to General Tullius," even after talking to him: Nothing is stuck, just keep doing siege events. Things will progress.

-Yes you will see a lot of npc, no they will not linger and jam up your fps forever, either when dead or left living. Close to 100% of them are programmed to self-disable within 12 game hours(provided the objectives from which they derive are completed). Those that don't are awaiting conditions to be met in some background event: You will sometimes notice a group of stormcloaks show up at a battle lead by a general, leading up to this imperial soldiers will populate the fort to a random number then stormcloaks show up. This happens randomly at any given fort. It's a background event I set up to keep things exciting. It's the spiritual successor of the defensive sieges that used to happen and show up in the log, but now do not. All will remain enabled, dead or alive til that general is killed--then they too will phase into oblivion within 24 game hours. The only ones you won't see disable are vanilla npc, which follow the vanilla rules for phasing out of existence.

For those of you that prefer CWRS as it was, I have left the 2016 files in place. Please note that the new version does not make allowance for the Sons of Skyrim.. yet. In time I will create a whole new file, just for that, so that I can create something unique and dynamic for the Stormcloak side. I don't know when this will happen, as it will be an involved and drawn out process and I work a full time job. This, as always, is just a hobby to me, and my way of sharing the things I have created for myself in Skyrim. I do this for my own entertainment and choose to share it. So frankly I don't really care what others want or expect. That said I do try to make it easy to use as possible, and am always open to ideas for the mod.

Credits, permissions, and special thanks

The Below mods/assets and their Authors have been utilized in CWRS, either by expressed
permission or through credit for usage.

Heroic Stormcloak Armor by hothtrooper44

Words of Power, Words of praise

"This is one of those special mods which had the power to bring me back to Skyrim, with the opportunity of immersing myself in the civil war."

“Thank you so much for creating this mod! This is the civil war mod I have been wanting since I first played Skyrim.”

“I love the concept of your mod. this is something that i was looking for. and this is what warzones and civil war overhaul couldn't provide me”

“Really great mod mate I think its underrated around the 500 endorsements for a mod what deserves a thousand. also the part I like about this mod is that i don't need to start a new game to get some more play time in the civil war”

“With this mod I can finally play through the civil war and not be bothered afterward by npcs talking about it as though it's still occurring, because it IS now”

“Excellent mod! Kind of RTS feeling and of course, heavy RPG.”

“Been wanting something that does this since the game came out. Really never felt like a war when I could end it in like 3 in-game days.”

“This is one of the coolest mods I've ever downloaded.”

“Awesome, great to see this here. A great wrong has finally been righted.”

Thank you everyone who has spoken and shared their experiences with CWRS. It is those of you who use it which actually define what it is and your commentary, negative or positive attribute to the direction it takes. This was my ideal for side events on the civil war. I decided to add stuff on the side to make it fun without breaking the game--now it's your turn to add to and share that inspiration; please speak up, and share your images and adventures on the mod page. Also, so far as posts in the threads go, as much as I welcome everyone's insight--posts which pertain to old technical issues that have been addressed and corrected will be removed. If a discussion arises about an issue in the current version, it will not be removed until the issue has been addressed. Posts which are of an inflammatory, unduly negative or insulting nature will be removed as soon as I see them.

If you wish to contact me and get my immediate attention, please PM me, It will go straight to my phone.

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