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Automatically picks up the loot you want and leaves the rest.

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Do Not Play Without This Mod!
Unless you enjoy the tedium or manually searching every container and fallen foe for valuable items!

Jaxonz SmartLooter automates collection of treasure!

Version 4 is a complete rewrite, celebrating 2.5 years of smart looting. It brings a cleaner interface, incredible efficiency, and new features.

It is simple to use but rich in features and options:
  • Weight to Value Ratio: Selects items to loot based on relative value. This means you get the good stuff and leave the junk behind. This ratio can gradually increase as you level up.
  • Loot without Opening: JSL can loot chests and bodies without opening them! This also allows looting in combat, from horseback, etc.
  • Loot by Type: Always loot the types of items you chose (ingredients, ores, skins, unread books, etc.).
  • Harvesting: Pick flowers, catch critters, harvest hanging rabbits, etc.
  • Mining: Mine ore veins without the animation (if you are equipped).
  • Won't Steal: Doesn't loot things that would cause a crime.
  • Weight Limit: Can stop looting when you near maximum encumberance.
  • Exclude Locations and Containers: Designate areas or containers not to loot, such as your player home.
  • Never/Always Loot Lists: Easily tell JSL what kinds of items you never or always wish to loot.
  • And much, much more!

Properly configured, SmartLooter can do all the work for you with few or zero clicks.
SmartLooter lets you concentrate on the adventure!



  • Fully compatible with DLC and 3rd party mods.
  • Not known to conflict with any other mod. Any load order works.
  • Hotkey can be easily changed to avoid conflicts.
  • Adds no scripts to objects, so it can be cleanly uninstalled at any time.
  • Super efficient and works great even on low-end computers.
  • Fully compatible with 3rd party mods that add new harvestable critters/fish/plants, such as 83Willows 101Bugs, More Critters, Special Flora of Tamriel, and Improved Fish.


  • Please use the Posts tab for all support/comments/suggestions/complaints. Private messages will just be redirected here.
  • By posting publicly, everyone can help you and it helps help build information for others to use.
  • Please read the first page or so of comments before posting your question. Chances are it has been asked and answered already.

See the change log for a list of all improvements.

Known Issues and Suggested Workarounds

  • Because this is a major rewrite, you may want to install JSL on a new game or remove and clean previous saves with Save Game Script Cleaner to remove all traces of past versions.
  • Because the GetGoldValue() scripting function does not report the accurate value of tempered, enchanted, or quality items. This causes SmartLooter to incorrectly calculate value to weight ratios on some special items, which means they may not be automatically looted. Workaround: JSL will by default always loot enchanted items and jewellery.

Keywords: grab, loot, looter, looting, lootage, pillage, harvest, gather, booty, automatic, container, corpse, body, catch
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