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Last updated at 20:18, 11 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 22:12, 23 Mar 2014

My personal tool, i share it here, if someone can have use for it.

Incompatible mods
There is been some reports, that you might get problems if you clean save that have these mods installed:
FNIS Sexy Move

Always create a backup for you save, before use this!

In case that you antivirus doesn't like a file:
I have scanned this using online virus scanner, and some (3 out of 50) antiviruses was unhappy, i dont know how to fix that.

This program is created using RosAsm, so source is included in file. Be free to edit it as you wish.

How to use it?

For a basic script cleaning:
(for v 1.10+)

1. Click open, choose a save game file.

2. Click a "Fix all #->" button to remove all scripts, that are detected as orphan.
It can take a while if there is lots of them.

3. Click "FixScriptInstances", it removes all orphan script instances.

4. Push Save button -> overwrite.. -> yes (only if you have a backup)
Load a save in game, and save it again. Now it should be fully cleaned.
Re-saving removes script names etc.

Auto backup, if on,(default) creates a backup from your save, named as Savenamexx.ess-backup.ess

Dont use "Inc.refs" or other buttons, unless you have knowledge what forms and things it deletes! Example a "del mod forms" is dangerous if you select say skyrim.esm, and hit that button. lol

Thanks to LiveStyleGaming

Information used when creating this tool:

Tools used:
Ollydbg 2

Have fun!