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Adds new, unique and immersive gates to the border crossings of Cyrodill, Hammerfell and Morrowind.

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This mod is abandoned and available for public domain. I haven't played Skyrim LE in years and I'm glad folks have enjoyed it. Feel free to do whatever you want with this mod. No permission necessary.

Unique Border Gates Special Edition is ported and maintained by Kelsenellenelvian.


Unique Border Gates redesigns the border crossings of Cyrodill, Hammerfell and Morrowind by adding new, unique and immersive gates. No two are alike and I believe the design reflects the area well. Each location is discoverable and you can fast travel after discovery.

The following are brief and spoiler-free descriptions of each gate.

  • Dunmeth Pass Gate
    Located in northeastern Eastmarch Hold along the northern road leading into Morrowind, this gate is of Imperial design. It has recently experienced a destructive battle during the Civil War.

  • Pale Pass Gate
    Located in southeastern Falkreath Hold along the road leading into Cyrodiil, this gate is all that remains of an old ruined fortress of Whiterun design. Imperial soldiers have fortified the gate to protect the Pale Pass.

  • Silgrad Pass Gate
    Located in eastern Riften Hold along the southern road leading into Morrowind, this gate is of Riften design. Last anyone knew Riften soldiers were guarding it against bandits and smugglers.

  • Talos Pass Gate
    Located in southwestern Falkreath Hold along the road leading into Hammerfell, this gate is of ancient Nord design. It features massive stone structures and an impenetrable iron gate.  It is so named in dedication to Talos, who is said to have spent time in the region, with a statue frequented by adventurers heading west.

Skyrim is the only requirement. Works with or without DLCs.

While my mod will work as-is, you will be unable to have full access to its content if the invisible border Bethesda placed around Skyrim is not turned off. In order to do so please add, or ensure, the following is in your Skyrim.ini file:


The Main Section under Files contain the All-In-One version of Unique Border Gates and its compatibility patches. So if you want to use all gates with Point The Way, your load order would be:
  • Point The Way.esp
  • UniqueBorderGates-All.esp
  • UniqueBorderGates-All-PointTheWay.esp

The Optional Section under Files contains the various standalone versions. You should NOT use these if you're using the All version, and only use one version per gate. Load order shouldn't matter, but the ones requiring another mod need to be loaded after that mod.When updating or switching to a different version, I recommend saving your game someplace far away from any of the gates before updating. This should help avoid any unsightly errors when you install the new version.

Any mod that edits the same areas as Unique Border Gates may not be compatible. Notify me of any conflicts so I may create a compatible version if possible.

Unique Border Gates has compatible versions for these mods:
Unique Border Gates is NOT compatible with these mods:
  • Vanilla navmesh has been untouched.
  • Vanilla gates and other objects have been disabled, not deleted.
  • Mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit.


  • This mod is public domain. Do whatever you want with it.