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This MOD gives player the concept of hunger, thirst, fatigue.

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This MOD gives the concept of hunger / fatigue / thirst / body health to the player character. And this can be used only female player character because it has female character animation files only.


Need files(Mod : Go to bed) :
Note : GoToBed.esp and EatingSleepingDrinking.esp conflict, so don't use them simultaneously


  1. install
  2. Run Generate FNIS for uses
  3. Uninstallation

  4. Remove this MOD files
  5. Run Generate FNIS for uses
  6. "New game"


You will need a eight hours of sleep and three meals a day in game time. However you will be roughly 12 hours If you had activities actively. There is no change three meals but you will become very hungry. You will not become very hungry when you standing and walking, FT. But you become hungry when time has passed.
You will have a penalty if you don't eat food or drink. It is an obstacle to your adventure. Not this MOD to kill player directly. However, players will be killed indirectly If left untreated the penalty.
Energy and Moisture is determined by the weight of the food you eat. You will have a penalty if you drank alcohol much. You should draw a bottle of water from river and pond etc if you don't want to have a penalty. There are some raw food. They can not be eaten, you should cooked it. Players is going to be hungry if eat a raw food.
Fatigue will recover if you slept.
player' body will become dirty by passed time or battle. It is possible to remove the dirt of the body by using a towel(potion). You need to make it yourself. To make a towel need 5 tundra cotton. First, To make a towel is necessary to make a knitting needle. It can be made from the blacksmith. It can be made from the blacksmith using firewood.
How to make a towel :
  1. player idle(standing)
  2. Have five or more tundra cotton
  3. Equipped with a knitting needle(dagger)
  4. Message box is displayed
You can wash PC body in the water. I can see in "magic effect" body washable place or not. Draw a bottle too.
I have changed the food effect to be more effective. but it is not a substitute for drugs recovery because player will have a penalty when eat too much. And changed the weight of drugs.[/size]


Add other food MOD
The MOD recognize the food of other food MOD. When you eat food that has not been registered in the list of this MOD, selected message is displayed.

Representation of the penalty
Play a bowels rumble, Yawn and expression(using MFG Console).You can be switched ON/OFF in the MCM.

Adjust basic needs
It is adjustable from MCM If you feel unhappy with PC is overeating.

Camp Item
There is almost no bed in the "Forgotten Vale" and "Sovngarde" etc. It is the severe penalty since player can't sleep. There is no problem if you are do-M. Otherwise, you can take there with a bedroll. Camping bedroll can be made of Tanning Rack, and it can be used permanently.

Drinking and Eating, Sleeping Animations
This mod have eating and drinking, sleeping(go to bed) animations. It have animations associated with them to other. You can switched ON / OFF of the animation in the MCM.

Activate Animations
You can play animations when you harvest plants. There are also other animation, pull chain, opening or closing door, opening chest, looting item from corpses, opening furniture, rotating stone pillar. You can switched ON / OFF of the animation in the MCM.

Penalty of running
You can give the stamina damage penalty when the player is running. It will be released when the player is idling. And you will be able to force walk when player has 0 point stamina. You can switched ON / OFF of the animation in the MCM.
Hard stamina penalty remove the regeneration recovery of stamina. Stamina will be restored when you went to bed or sit down on furniture(chair, cooking pot, mine, smithing..etc), pressing "Idle anim button". If you enable sleeping animation, when you lie down on bed, Stamina will be restored.

Player journal
You can check player's status by diary. To write a diary need quill and Inkwell. You can switched ON / OFF of the animation in the MCM.

Follower eating and drinking animations
When PC ate or drank, follower eating or drinking animation is also played. You can switched ON / OFF of the animation in the MCM.

Potion Hotkey
If you register keys, you can use potions(health potion, magicka, stamina, food, drink). You can switched ON / OFF of the animation in the MCM. When you are turned OFF or ON this function, you "must" close menu and need to see long process. Don't end game in middle of processing.
If you want to use a custom potion hotkey, you should create a "silver spoon" in the smithy. It requires two silver ingot. You should equip silver spoon(dagger) and use a potion if you want to register it.

Head Tracking
If lock-on NPC and activator, furniture, weapon, armor, ammo, miscobjects, ingredients with HUD, turn player head toward to them.In addition, when player was spoken to by NPC, turn player head preferentially toward to them. "Custom expression" have a feature that allows you to customize the expression for each category. You can customize expressions by editing "SKSE/plugins/KNNPlugin.ini".
You can switched ON / OFF of the headtracking in the MCM. Of course if you use other headtracking MOD, when OFF, it doesn't bother you.

Idle Animations Hotkey
If you hotkey pressed, player look for a IdleMarker or furniture near herself. And to play the animation by referring to them. Animation is a mix of vanilla and my original. PC will play the animation without a marker since PC can’t use it if NPC are using. You can get the active effect of some when you play idle animation. For example, you will get the effect of washing the body without the use of a towel and obtained other effect.
How to play idle animation :
  1. press the hotkey
  2. PC go toward the target
  3. PC stop walking, appears Message
  4. press the hotkey again. play animation
  5. press hotkey once again. Exit animation
You can switched ON / OFF of the idle animations in the MCM.


This MOD isn't good compatibility with frostfall.

Special thanks

Fore, thank you for very kind help! Since there was his(or her) help, I was able to complete the option file(player's cottage).

Figment, fore, XP32, Kapaer, meh321, himika, Andrelo Thank you for great MOD and tools!