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Khajiit Trader featuring goods from Elsweyr.
Includes new merchants, new harvestables, new foods , new blessing altars, new standing stone, cheese/wine aging, new player homes, plus much more !

Permissions and credits
Welcome to the Elsweyr Trader !

My name is Azi’Fanita, the shopkeeper of this establishment.
Inside you’ll find unique goods native from Elsweyr, or its surround provinces.You’ll find a wide assortment of fruits, sweets, tropical weapons, tropical equipment, and much more! We are open daily from 8am to 6pm; but special clientele can receive special “after-hours” treatment.
If there is anything me [Azi’Fanita] or my husband [Ri’Nakir] can do for you, please feel free to let us know. Here at the “Elsweyr Trader”, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

--Sorry, I will NOT make a NON-DLC version. People by now should have the DLCs, no excuses.

Mod Description:
-This is a merchant mod that adds a handful of new merchants in a new world space
-Main Trader, Bakers, Butcher, Chocolatier, Cheese Chef, Delicatessen, General Goods, Skooma Addicts
-This mod only has 1 edit to existing Vanilla resources [the Worldmap location near Markarth]; so it should be compatible with just about everything out there. The implementation to the world map was in such a way that I did not need to edit navmesh, nor disable any items [so no Deleted Navmeshes, nor UDR problems]. Mod cleaned with Tes5Edit, free of ITMs and UDRs.
-Inside you’ll find new foods, crafting stations [which give skill experience], new animals, new plant harvestables [fruit trees, plants], a close knit community made up of Khajiits and Argonians.
-2 player homes [1 free, 1 purchasable]. Also contains player teleport spell available once purchased (find inside home). Purchased player home also contains 2 secret rooms [so go out and find them]
-If you want a standalone version of the purchased home: see credits for “Ancient Fortress”
-2 new blessing altars [Dwemer Warrior and Elder Mage], along with 2 new blessings.
-1 new Standing Stone [Lunar Stone; native to Elsweyr (not found in lore, but is lore friendly)].
-New farming of fruit trees/plants and moon sugar. Can only be farmed using “Dirt Mounds” found in this mod [this was done to maintain mod compatibility].
-New Skill Books [thanks to Tamriel Rebuilt mod and XuiBooks]
-New “Trader Khajiit” Ales, new Wines. Select wines can be aged for extra potent abilities.
-New Cheese Aging system [for cheeses added by this mod]. See “Cheese Factory”.
-Milkable “Cows” and “Goats”; milk used for drinking, cooking, cheese crafting.
-Unique Dwemer Artifacts – “Dwemer Vending Artifacts” [automated vending machines], “Dwemer Compiler Artifact” [allows player to combine lower powered potions to create higher power potions].
-Multi-use Mills that creates Bonemeal, crushed gems [new ingredients].
-Dynamic Lights - sunlight turns off during the evening; lanterns switch on at night
-Plus more!
Just outside of the Markarth farm area
--See map location in the "Image" section

Player Home - Locations
There are 2 player homes; 1 free; the other can be purchased for 25,000 gold.
--The free home is the Windmill located in the "Elsweyr Working Sector"
--The purchasable home is the "Ancient Dwemer Fortress"; interact with the "For Sale" sign which is located on a column near the front door fo the home. Once purcahsed, you can find a "Teleport Spell" in the library which allows you to teleport directly to your home.



-Cheese aging times: 2 days, 4 days, 8 days
-Wine aging times: 3 days, 9 days, 27 days
-Farming: plants take 3 days to grow; 3 days to replenish
-Check with the main trader [Azi’Fanita] for purchasable items; she will sell items not craftable nor sold by other merchants; this includes special items: Sultan Dagger, Mane Mead, Beast Pellets, etc…
This mod should be compatible with everything.
This is because almost everything in my mod is added as a "new item"; I did not edit existing resources. The downside to this is that if you want to farm/craft materials in my mod, then it has to be done in the Elsweyr Trading hub.
--Note: This is not the case with recipes added to Hearthfire Ovens, Bamboo Arrows at the Forge, and the few foods added to Cooking Pots; because new constructables objects don't interfere with other mods.
--Do NOT uninstall if you are not starting a new game; this mod contains scripts.

--If you are upgrading, just uninstall the old and install the new version.
--If you are switching between the Full and 512 version, follow the same proceedure as if upgrading.

Uses and Permissions:
-Anything credited that I used with permission cannot be used by others, without the original authors permission.
-Anything from a modders resource can be used by others; as long as you credit the author of the resource.
-Anything created by me can be used freely; just credit me (you do not need to ask, just credit in your mod).
-Needs patches can be created without seeking my permission. I will create an IMCN Needs patch [since I use IMCN], but other needs mods will have to be created by other modders or mod users.

Updating/Mod Usage:
-I will update this mod when I can. Updates will come in the form of an updated ESP; thus you will not need to download my entire mod again; however I cannot make nor hold any promises to this.
-There is one exception to my updates. After the date of July 2014, I will be PERMANENTLY and INDEFINITELY absent from modding/gaming. Thus, after July 2014, support will have to come from other fellow modders. This is why the below is relevant.
-Since this mod contains resources used with permission, I CANNOT make this a “Free-to-Use” mod.
-However, I give permission for anyone to release “ESP Replacers” of my mod. This is so you can create your own version of my mod to share, or you can fix bugs/glitches you found in my mod. “ESP Replacers” can be hosted on your own mod page: Nexus, STEAM, etc..
-You may include your own resources with your edit: custom textures/meshes/sounds/scripts/etc. You may NOT EDIT NOR UPLOAD custom edits of my BSA file. You may add text/mesh that alter my files, but they must overwrite my BSA.
-In other words, you can add any files you want to my mod; as long as any edits/additions require my mod as a base.
-Download my mod and install
-Download custom “ESP Replacer”, install, say yes to overwrite my files.
-You may NOT create an “ESP Replacer” that removes the DLC requirements; no bypassing of the Dragonborn/Hearthfire requirements. You may create an “ESP Replacer” that further requires Dawnguard [or any other masters]. Again, you can add anything you want; you just can’t remove stuff.
Closing Notes:
-Lastly, if you are a mod creator, I urge you to please include instructions on what should happen with your mod IF you are not available.
It is irritating to me that mod creators [not all] are more interested in creating permissions that exclude people from using their mods; rather than thinking ahead in the future when an event will arise where that author is no longer around. Thus, when an author disappears, their mod eventually dies [as it cannot be updated nor fixed, since permissions exclude it].
This is why I applaud mod creators like InsanitySorrow and Arthmoor; since their mods contain clauses that ensure they will stay active even in their absence.
Q: I don't like Azi'Fanita's accent.
--Answer: did you read her diary located in the "Trader Residence" ?

Q: When I walk into the basement, I hear werewolves howling.
--Answer: That's from the raptor, which is a modified werewolf. I tried my best, but could not figure out how to disable the howl. If anyone knows please share.

Q: But RND is better and more popular than IMCN, you should make a RND patch.
--Answer: No, actually you can. I don't use RND, so go ahead and make a patch for it [anyone has my permission to make needs patches].

Q: Pretty please! Can you make a non-DLC version?
--Answer: Nope; only true children of Skyrim have all the DLCs.

Q: Why is the file download so large? Can you reduce the size?
--Answer: Be aware this mod is mainly composed of new content added by modder's resources and other mods. Thus, such content must be downloaded as it does not exist in the vanilla game.
With that being said, I can say the original "uncompressed" BSA size was 700+MB. However, I ran the BSA thru "BSAOpt" and was able to compress the BSA to around 370MB.
--Thus, what you download here is basically the size it will be on your harddrive. Sorry, 7zip could not further compress the file-size; yes I tried many times.
--Be happy, any updates I release will be of the ESP only. Thus, updates will be around 2 MB.

Special Thanks
Thanks to Tonycubed2, and Sjogga for scripting help; couldn't have done it without your help.

Thanks to all the mod authors who have created modder's resources for the community to use, and thanks to those who have given me permission to use their mod.


Modder’s Resources:
--Ancient Fortress -- Ultimate Player Home by Lynkx: skyrim/mods/41620
--URW - Useless Resources - Weapons by Urwy: skyrim/mods/12087
--Blary’s Clutter Resources: I used basically all of them, so check his/her user name for the resources
Blary’s Dwemer Aquarium Home [mesh used for my aquarium room]
--Celtic Decor for Skyrim I by DarkRider: skyrim/mods/12394
--XuiBooks by Xui: skyrim/mods/33433
--Cliffracers by Phitt: skyrim/mods/8579
--Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack by Bellyache [for the chicken textures]: skyrim/mods/3621
--Cyrodiil Farmhouse Tileset by Markus Liberty: skyrim/mods/48582
--Darkfox127 Marble Floors Modder Resource: skyrim/mods/39585
--FPI Experiment Resources by BrettM: skyrim/users/3989420
--Elder Statue - Level Asset by Angilla: skyrim/mods/45342
--GKB Green Trees by Ga-Knomboe Boy: skyrim/mods/19268
--Hoddminir Plants: skyrim/users/934000
--Insanitysorrow’s TESA Resources:
--Insanitys Dwemer Weapons by InsanitySorrow: skyrim/mods/35854
--Dwarven Armor Restored by thiagodepaula12: skyrim/mods/7498
--Lilith TESA Resources:
--TESA Resource Kit:
--Marthgun Ladders Resource:
--Harvestables by ChickenDownUnder: skyrim/mods/15108
--Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67: skyrim/mods/16525
--Modders Resource-Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques-Mannequins by Eldiabs: skyrim/mods/11618
--Arie Manor Furniture by Arion: skyrim/mods/18566
--Bamboo - modders resource by Scot: skyrim/mods/14812
--Bert’s “Bits and Bobs” and “Dairy Resources”: skyrim/users/3162929
--yurufuwa rabbit by kanra: skyrim/mods/38138
--New Plants 1_2 by Tamira: skyrim/mods/22018
--Stroti’s Resources by Stroti and Tamira: Stroti Tamira
--Paintings and Frames by Artisanix: skyrim/mods/17423
--Resource extra food v2 by bfadragon: skyrim/mods/28091
--Resources for modders by Runspect: skyrim/mods/26132
--Rings of Old - Morrowind Artifacts for Skyrim by PrivateEye: skyrim/mods/42564
--Sate That Appetite by JadeRoyale: skyrim/mods/45714
--Jas Better Food by Jas: skyrim/mods/17717
--Slof’s Zebra Textures:
--Levelers Tower v35a by WillieSea [Tomato Plant]: skyrim/mods/14152
--Tony67 Displays and Dwemer Statue: skyrim/mods/15997
--MJY The Mysterious Island by mjy: skyrim/mods/27747
[Permission also received from Sjors Boomscors – original author of Fish/Shark meshes/textures]

Mod’s used with Permission:
--Samurai Bamboo Arrows by Alrock: skyrim/mods/49410
--Moonpath To Elsweyr by MuppetPuppet: skyrim/mods/9782
--Sultan Dagger by Kanjs: skyrim/mods/35999
--Wieselburger by MelekTaus from Ace SqMod [see mod for higher Res version]: skyrim/mods/49823
--Tamriel Rebult – Morrowind Mod [Books]:
[Please check out this awesome mod if you own Morrowind]
--Tropical Skyrim - Mod - More Textures by Cat_Woman1989: skyrim/mods/33263
--Goosy Goosa by Dogtown1, Macadamstreet and Jc1:

Windmill Shelter by Baka: skyrim/mods/17742
For the inspiration behind my Windmill player home [mine was built from scratch].

ClipArt and Texture sources [all free resources]