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Updated: 13/10/2014 - 11:26AM

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Last updated at 11:26, 13 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 1:21, 1 Mar 2014

This MOD is add 7 followers.
They have each strong field, so you can take them in your favorite.
This MOD is a standalone, You don't need other MOD.
Normal version(7 esps) and merge version(1 esp). Please install either to your liking.

Change Log
  • 01/03/2014 Release.
  • 03/03/2014 Merge ver release.
  • 30/03/2014 "1.1->1.11" Fixed settings for the marriage flag.
  • 13/10/2014 "1.11->2.0" Change to individual download. Adjust the appearance of the character. Initial location change(show images).

How to update to v2.0
  1. Take their items which you gave and part them.
  2. If you have hired them, please parted with them.
  3. Move to a different map.
  4. Save and exit Skyrim.
  5. Uninstall before version and install the new one.

  • min Level 10, max Level 100.
  • They are all "Aggressive", "Essential" and "Marriageable".
  • Femele follwer body is "UNP" or "UNPB".
  • One person, one unique item.

Known Issue
  • If you can't find them in the initial location, Please do "re-entered the map" or "reload".
  • If you use "setNPCweight" command, Their face change. Because load dummy data.When you wont to return to the original face, Please do "re-entered the map" or "reload" or "FastTravel".
  • Unique weapon's texture is very cheap. This is my skills limit. Sorry. XD


Class : ShieldKnight
ExpertSkills : One-handed(sword), Block, HeavyArmor
AdeptSkills : Two-handed
DefaulOutfit : WhiterunGuard set
Standby : Whiterun, Dragonsreach
Bodytype : UNP
She's good at shield, and She use shout "Marked for Death" and "Disarm".

Class : Nightwalker
ExpertSkills : Archery, LightArmor, Sneak
AdeptSkills : One-handed
DefaulOutfit : Leather set
Standby : Riften, Temple of Mara (a garden)
Bodytype : UNPB
She's an archer with a very remarkable bow skill, and sword is a good a little.

Class : PowerFighter
ExpertSkills : Two-handed(All), HeavyArmor
AdeptSkills : One-handed, LightArmor
DefaulOutfit : Steel set
Standby : Solitude, WinkingSkeever Inn 2F
He can handle a two-handed sword and two-handed ax and hammer.

Class : TempestMage
ExpertSkills : Destruction(thunder), Conjuration(thunder)
AdeptSkills : Restoration, LightArmor
DefaulOutfit : Novice robes
Standby : Whiterun, Dragonsreach
Bodytype : UNPB
She's a mage of thunder and ice. She and Reaumur is the twins sister.

Class : TwinFencer
ExpertSkills : One-handed(sword, dw), LightArmor
AdeptSkills : Two-handed, Archery
DefaulOutfit : Leather set
Standby : Whiterun, Dragonsreach
Bodytype : UNP
She's good at one-handed sword dual wield. She and Celsius is the twins sister.

Class : Mercenary
ExpertSkills : One-handed(sword), Destruction(fire), LightArmor
AdeptSkills : Archery
DefaulOutfit : Leather set
Standby : Riften, Temple of Mara (a garden)
He uses a sword and fire/ice magic. He will be able to support multi-range.

Class : AxWarrior
ExpertSkills : One-handed(ax, dw), HeavyArmor
AdeptSkills : Two-handed(ax), Archery
DefaulOutfit : Steel set
Standby : Solitude, WinkingSkeever Inn 2F
He very loves the ax. Good at most is the one-handed ax dual wield.

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Thanks for all modders and players!