About this mod

Collection of armor and clothes mashups for UNP.
Lore friendly themed stuff.

Permissions and credits
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  • Spanish
  • Polish
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  • Italian
  • Hungarian

~ zzjay's wardrobe ~

Includes 4 sets of FEMALE ARMORS,in different clours,and armor type. (mostly light 1 heavy)

there are also equippable parts,that can be exchanged for further customization of your outfit.There parts CANNOT be ugraded,to keep a stable value for the armor.
Everything is craftable
Only torsos,boots and hands will be upgradable

The mod is meant for UNP.
it works perfectly on sevenbse,unpb,unpc
Works on Vanilla,dreamgirl (no pubic areas showin)
Works on CBBE too. (no pubic arealegs showing)


Craftable under hide,and steel (for plate armor)
you can also get the iteems by spawning a cheat chest,called huntresszzjay.


Use NMM or manual.

if you use Scarletdawn armor,or any other armor by jmenaru,it'll replace some files from them,overwrite or not,files are just the same (for reflections)

~ Permission ~

CANNOT be sold or posted on Creation Club!!!!

~ Mods Used ~

~ a mod you must have for pretty faces ~


~ ENB ~

-Akiro wip enb
-Goddess ENB
-snapdragon enb by tetrodoxin
-darklings dreams enb WIP

~ Hairs ~

-apachii sky hair female
-sg hairs 268 edition (gogle it)
-Ks hairdos

~ others ~


Book of slience

Thigh daggers

~ characters ~
elaneith's character
uses enhanced character eit + sg normalmap + real girls skin texture (all on nexus)

kinguggi's character:
Ningheim race
freckle mania

grace's character:
SG female renewal
+ nuska's real skin normalmaps
+harvest feathers

my character:
+ further customized skin

~ Pics ~