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A unp based female mashup armor mod.

Permissions and credits
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This is a armor mashup based on UNP body, consisting of 31 combinable parts of clothing. There sure is a combination for everyone to find in here, whether you're looking for some protection, a simple adventurers outfit or even an airy bikini, it's all there. I've also included 4 preassembled sets for the lazy one's out there. All the items can be found in a chest near Helgen which also has a mapmarker you can teleport to. You could also type "help adventurer" in the console to finde everything there.

Optional files
- Sliders for CBBE HDT Bodyslide
- Sliders for UUNP HDT Bodyslide, you need XPMSE Skeleton or some other hdt skeleton for these. May cause crashes sometimes. It's recommended to equip parts separately when using this file. In case of clipping issues try checking the clipping boxes in bodyslide for the tops(chest pieces).

SSE Version (converted by Wolfdie88)

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Thanks to DustinBempong, Telmeria, Herrmannesque and lleftbehiind for contributing some screenshots

Thanks to
brokefoot for the trousers, boots and auto-mail
Thanks to aradia for the corset
Thanks to jmenaru for the gauntlet
Thanks to petrovich for the gloves and shorts
Thanks to nightasy for the pauldron and skirt
Thanks to anka02 for the shirt and some chain stuff
Thanks to nisetanaka for the belly protection
Thanks to SydneyB for the tights and stockings
Thanks to dikr for the stockings texture
Thanks to Alecu for the jacket
Thanks to cabal120 for the textures of the pauldorn and skirt

Thanks to mrheadhopper for UUNP Bodyslide Sliders
Thanks to Sero141 for CBBE Bodyslide Sliders
Thanks to Wolfdie88 for the SSE conversion

About Permissions

You may not upload this mod or changed versions or parts of it on other websites without my permission.
You're allowed to use this for you follower mod's as long as you credit me.
If you like to use some of these meshes for your own mods please ask the original authors for permission. You should be able to find them via the Credits/Thanks section.