SAO Asuna Armor Weapon Set by wilsonjj
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Last updated at 16:17, 27 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 17:14, 27 Feb 2014

I have stopped playing Skyrim for along time, so please be careful when extracting the mod into your game folder
some mods which is included in my packaged will be outdated, back up if you can!

Short briefing:
Hello everyone, this is the first (and only) mod I'll be posting here I think, I started off this mod because there weren't anyone who made the armor after I have watched SAO which I was adored for awhile, and thought it will fit in the world of Skyrim quite well while keeping both the armor and weapon realistic and not over powered (lore-friendly I guess). I have made this armor about an year and a bit, but never got the motivation to pack it up since it might not be very compatible with some of the mods you guys are already using, plus I won't be using an NMM installer, so please browser the files for your own need, this mod was made under xp32's blessed UNP body, so..yeah, I should have made it under UNP but I didn't thought that much and found out it didn't fit very well beside of blessed UNP.


Mods that are required if you want the custom voice and shorter height shown like in the video:
(hair and face aren't included in the package)

Recommended mods
UNP Jewelry Variants (for smaller accessories)
Pretty face
Enhanced Character Edit
and other hair packs..

The mod contains a custom race called Monli which I used when I was developing the mod but I've changed some of the skeleton preferences replaced with x32 skeleton and some other skin meshes.
there are some other changes even I have forgotten, sorry about this.

type "help asuna" under console and you will see set of codes
then type "player.additem XXXXXXX 1" (XXXXXXX are the code you see on every item)

# lighting bug in 1st person every time you reloads the game, so solve this stay in 1st person and disarm the armor and wear it again until you see the lighting bug goes away.
# robe sticking out while crouching (bad weight skin painting)
# glove appears strangely when using magic or the elder scroll (bad weight skin painting)

Thanks to
blessed UNP body by xp32
x32 skeleton by xp32
Pretty Female Idles by dualsun
Pretty_Combat_Idles by dualsun
some mixed animation pack to suite the character (forgot which one I have used, please message me if its yours!! would be grateful)

PLEASE include this mod page if you are uploading to somewhere else please!!!
ALOT of time were used to create this piece of armor and weapon! since its my first go in modding!