Better Signage - Inns and Shops by Gamwich
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Added: 19/02/2014 - 12:32AM
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Last updated at 1:46, 19 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 0:32, 19 Feb 2014

Better Signage - Inns and Shops improves the default signage for the city taverns and shops to make them more detailed and dimensional.

The original Bethesda textures are a bit "noisy", which obscures some of the detail. Despite being carved signs, many look basically like they are just painted, without any real dimension to them (some have individual normal maps that give shape to the designs, some do not). My aim was to enhance the appearance while maintaining their original weathered aspect.

Most of the textures are the original 512 x 512 size, but the few that were included in the hi-res packs are 1k textures (such as the Riverwood ones). Therefore, these textures should be fine for any setup. I strive to get as much detail into the textures as I can without affecting performance.

Note: I did not include the road signs, because there are already some excellent mods that improve them. I personally recommend Weathered Road Signs by Nimbli Bimbli.