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The Oghma Infinium becomes a training station. It's just like training with a trainer, but without all the non-sense. Supports the Uncapper and it's NOT A CHEAT

Permissions and credits
Be sure to checkout my website for everything I'm currently involved with

What does it do?

-- In simple words --
It modifies the Oghma Infinium to act as a training station. You open the book, select a path, select a skill and then train the skill in exchange for gold. It's just like training with a trainer, but without all the non-sense.

-- Features --
  • Train as much as you want. You're not limited to 5 training sessions per level anymore, there's literally no limit.
  • The cost of training has been smoothed out. You won't find any 3x or 5x multiplier when training your skills past level 50.
  • Train your skills up to the game engine limit (100 for normal games, greater than 100 if you use the Skyrim -Community- Uncapper).
  • No forced path for training. You're not forced to join any particular faction to access the right trainer.
  • This is a "portable" training station. It's just a time saver, you don't need to run around Skyrim to find master trainers anymore.
  • If a problem occurs during training, your gold won't be taken away. Your gold will be taken away only if you skill increased, not before like normal trainers do. This is to prevent the bug where a trainer takes your gold but your skill doesn't increase. Even if this mod uses a different method entirely, it still protects you from this kind of bug. It also prevents you from training from skill 100 to 101 without the Skyrim -Community- Uncapper.

-- Training cost formula --
Training cost = SkillTo * SkillTo * 0.5 + 54

Where "SkillTo" is the value the skill after training. For example, if you train Destruction from 50 to 51 the cost will be: 51 * 51 * 0.5 + 54 = 1355 gold.

-- Limitations --
  • The "old" Oghma Infinium is gone. You won't get free +5 skills in the chosen path, it's +1 skill in the chosen skill and you pay for it.
  • You need to finish the Oghma Infinium quest. You could add the book with the console, but you won't be able to use it before the quest is completed. You get a time saver, not a free pass... If you already used the Oghma Infinium, it will be added back to your inventory automatically (wait 5 seconds after loading a save, time spent in menus doesn't count).
  • The average cost/level for training from skill 16 to 100 is the same as vanilla: 2015 gold/level. Obviously, the average will be greater if you use the Skyrim -Community- Uncapper because you're training from 16 to ???. So technically, it doesn't cost more or less than the normal trainers.
  • The total cost for training from skill 16 to 100 is almost the same as vanilla: 173312 gold instead of 173250 gold. Obviously, the total cost will be greater if you use the Skyrim -Community- Uncapper because you're training from 16 to ???. So technically, it doesn't cost more or less than the normal trainers, there's only a 62 gold difference.

Installation, requirements and compatibility

-- Requirements --
Latest version of Skyrim (Skyrim.ESM, Update.ESM)

-- Install (auto) --
For an automatic install without risk of errors, I suggest you use the NexusModManager.

-- Install (manual) --
For a manual install, extract the files from this mod and copy them to the appropriate folders.

-- Compatibility --
Compatible with everything except mods that modify the Oghma Infinium. I'm not aware of the existence of any such mod.


-- Known issues --
This has only been confirmed for my own save game, but I'm writing this in case it happens to other people too. For some reason training Restoration doesn't work as intended from skill 15 to 16 (it stops at 1 XP from leveling to 16). I work around this quirk by adding an extra 0.0001 XP to Restoration for this particular case but it has the unfortunate effect of giving me a free training session which puts Restoration at 17 instead of 16. After that, I won't see the problem again unless I reset Restoration by making it Legendary. In any case, this only happen from skill 15 to 16 on Restoration. This won't happen on any other skills. This very minor issue shouldn't appear for the majority of users, but it might happen for a "select" few.

Some people have reported the Oghma Infinium isn't added back automatically to their inventory if they read the book before installing this mod. After some tests, I found the game doesn't always register correctly that you read the book. I use that test to avoid duplicates, if you finished the quest and didn't read the book that means it's still in your inventory or somewhere in the world (container, on the ground, etc.). If this happens to you, simply open the console and type player.additem 1A332 1 to add the book manually.

-- Do you use scripts? --
Yes, but they're simple and safe. There's one script that will execute once and add the Oghma Infinium to your inventory and there's the modified Oghma Infinium's script. Those scripts are "top -> down", they don't loop, repeat themselves or execute in background while you're playing. I am a professional programmer and I make sure to the best of my knowledge that all my scripts won't cause you trouble. I even package the sources if you want to look at them, so stop worrying your world's gonna implode and enjoy the mod.

-- Any future plans? --
I'll fix problems (if any), offer support and answer questions when needed.

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