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This mod adds 3d snow on snow covered farms and removes the snow from under the roofs .

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This mod adds new 3d anow in structures un snowy areas as well as improve the Snow in several wilderness areas .

I was sincerely annoyed to see inworld the snow cumulate under roofs in the Vanilla skyrim ,As well disapointed by the powderlike layer of white that woudl have been snow without a proper tridimensional feel ....
so this mod fixes those small but immersion breaking issue.

Video by Brodual courtesy and hodilton
And here The mod Sanctuary review by Gopher

thanks to lifestorock For Cleaning the mod and creating patches for Better Dynamic Snow and Skyrim Mesh Improvement mods .

UPDATE 2.3 Final Edition is Up .

Thanks to Lifestorock for his multipatching and cleaning



    undone some italian cell names
    cleaned with TES5Edit
    carried forward changes from the unofficial patches
    corrected master sorting of the DG + DB plugin
    added optional BSA with meshes for the use with SMIM
    added optional file that applies the BDS snow material to NSutR statics
    added optional file that changes the Falskaar dock in Dawnstar to use NSutR models

It contains a FOMOD installer script for users of the Nexus Mod Manager for easy installation:


It's also BAIN ready if users wish to use Wrye Bash for mod installations. The folder structure is pretty self explanatory:


changed the ESP names of the Dawnguard and Dawnguard + Dragonborn files to "Prometheus_No_snow_Under_the_roof.esp". All mod ESPs have now the same name.

Users should deinstall 2.2 first before installing 2.3.


    Better Dynamic Snow.esp
    Prometheus_NSUTR BDS Patch.esp

The optional file for the Falskaar dock "Prometheus_NSUTR Falskaar Dock.esp" can be loaded somewhere after the main ESP. No specific placement.