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A compatibility patch for Anna's Winterhold Restored by Anduniel and No snow under the Roof v2.3 by Prometheus for Skyrim Legendary Edition.

Permissions and credits
NSUTR Anna's Winterhold Restored LE Compatibility Patch v1.1 by Spawnkiller

Skyrim Special Edition Version can be found here.

Know Bugs?
  • There are no bugs known till release date
  • It was only tested for a few hours
  • Please report any problems only here on this mod’s board, thank you
  • Please also make sure you only report problems of the compatibly patch itself and all the other bugs on their respective mod pages (AWHR, NSUTR).

As always I can’t take responsibly for any unwanted side-effects CTD or corrupt save files,
so be careful and make BACKUPS of your save game!!!

Does it need a new game?
  • No, it should not need you to start a new game

How was it made?
  • The plugin was created and edited exclusively with TES5Edit 4.0.2, it also has been cleaned via QAC method
  • All NSUTR farmhouse and snowdrift assets in conflict with AWHR-LE have been deleted/disabled
  • All NSUTR records that are in conflict with the look and feel of AWHR-LE have been changed accordingly
  • This process removes some of NSTUR exterior Snowdrift on the right side (Inn) 
  • If Anduniel decides to, she can provide more snow edits herself in later updates of her Anna's Winterhold Restored mod (in theory without the need of updating this compatibility patch).

Compatible with?
  • Out of the box with USLEEP, its use is heavily recommended

Not compatible with?
  • Anything else that changes the landscape of Wintherold

please endorse their work, and consider donation support, thank you!
  • Bethesda for TES Series

v1.0 initial release
v1.1 added missing "sign_snow_only.nif" mesh (not part of NSUTR v2.3)

Have fun
wbr Spawnkiller