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Added: 16/02/2014 - 09:55AM
Updated: 09/03/2014 - 03:57AM

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Last updated at 3:57, 9 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 9:55, 16 Feb 2014


This mod calculates time while player is in menu and adds it to the in-game time once menu is closed. This mod does NOT disable pause mode in menus, it just attempts to bring a little bit more immersion to Skyrim and create a connection between menus and game world.
Since version 1.1 looting dead creatures takes extra time based on item weight and customizable multiplier (1 hour * Looted object weight * Multiplier). This feature is disabled by default. If you want to activate it, you have to set "Time multiplier for looting creatures" option to value greater than 0.
With MCM you can specify menus where time calculating feature is active. Also, you can change time fast-forwarding duration and TimeScale value (how fast in-game time passes).


SKSE 1.06.0+
SkyUI or SkyUI + SkyUI-Away (if you want to get cool mod configuration menu)


Menu Time should be compatible with pretty much everything.


Just extract Data folder over your Skyrim Data directory and enable Menu_Time.esp OR use Nexus Mod Manager to install.


Delete Menu_Time.bsa and Menu_Time.esp in your Skyrim Data folder OR use Nexus Mod Manager to uninstall.

Change Log

1.11 - 09/03/2014
  • Fixed: MCM for new games

1.1 - 08/03/2014
  • Added: Looting dead creatures takes extra time based on item weight and customizable multiplier (disabled by default). Thanks to danielleonyett for idea!
  • Added: Messages after reading books ("I've been reading for X hours and Y minutes")(disabled by default)
  • Fixed: "Time fast-forwarding duration" MCM option

1.0 - 16/02/2014
  • Initial release