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Last updated at 23:49, 27 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 8:54, 7 Feb 2014

This is my first Mod.  If you like, please let me know. 

***** Dawnguard DLC required *****

Please indicate which patrol has issues, so I can resolve any problems faster.

           Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use CLOAKS OF SKYRIM + optional DAWNGUARD file by Noodles, if you want to have cloaks show up on this mod.
                                                    If not, no cloaks. Great mod.

           Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use HUSKY 2K VARIANTS - AN AUTOMATIC VARIANTS PACKAGE by PlagueHush, if you want different colored dogs. 
                                                   You will also need
AUTOMATIC VARIANTS by Leviathan1753.

          Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use MOUNTED COMBAT FOR EVERYONE AND COMBAT UPGRADES by rymon23, if you want mounted combat for my ride

If you want armored trolls in the patrols, Krinifes has uploaded an ESP replacer:  HOP - Horses On Patrol - Dawnguard Armored Trolls

***** LOAD ORDER *****

-Use LOOT. You can keep this pretty low. It only adds new NPCs to the game.

Thanks to Nozi87 for the video

My riders will fight on horseback with this mod below installed. Pretty cool, huh.

Thanks to SEXX for the video


This mod adds 9 mounted Dawnguard patrols to the game. It also adds a stable near the entrance to Dayspring Canyon.
Stablemaster and stable husky are added as well. Stable Master is protected and sells hoods and hats.
The 2 mounted patrols near the stable will return to the stable and sandbox at different times.
If they die, their horses return to the stable.

Added along this road are 3 tents and Dawnguard foot patrols that will sleep and sandbox.
Added at the exterior of Fort Dawnguard is a Dawnguard , a single rider with 2 dogs following and a tall Dawnguard with a large husky following.
inside Fort D
Added inside Fort Dawnguard are 3 Dawnguard that will sandbox and sleep. 
Also, added 2 bodyguards that follow Isran (they will sleep when Isran sleeps in cots near bed).

Leaders are now nonessential. Everyone respawns. Map marker with fast travel now.

No mounted combat (beyond my comprehension). Riders will dismount to attack.
Use  Mounted Combat For Everyone and Combat Upgrades by rymon23 . See above video


Inside Fort Dawnguard:

                                                                 - 2 Isran bodyguards
                                                                 - 3 cots
                                                                 - 3 Dawnguard

Outside Fort Dawnguard:

                                                                - 1 Dawnguard patrolling and chair
                                                                - 1 rider and 2 dogs patrolling
                                                                - 1 tall Dawnguard (Samson) and 1 large husky (King) patrolling

Outside Dayspring Canyon:

                                                               - 3 patrols of 1 Dawnguard and dog  from each of the 3 tents along road
                                                               - 1 leader (Edmonious) who patrols from entrance to tents to Stendarr's Beacon (chair added there) to stable
                                                               - 1 stable, stablemaster, stable husky, and clutter


  ---------------------------------------------------ORIGINAL VERSION------------------- LITE VERSION-------------------1DOG VERSION

   Riverwood to Whiterun ------------------------ 2 riders/3 dogs -------------------- 1 rider/2 dogs ----------------- 2 riders/1 dog 
   Riften to Ivarstead ----------------------------- 3 riders/4 dogs -------------------- 1 rider/2 dogs ----------------- 3 riders/1 dog 
   Markarth to Solitude --------------------------- 3 riders/4 dogs -------------------- 1 rider/2 dogs ----------------- 3 riders/1 dog 
   Morthal to Dawnstar --------------------------- 3 riders/4 dogs -------------------- 1 rider/2 dogs ----------------- 3 riders/1 dog 
   Windhelm to Winterhold ---------------------- 3 riders/4 dogs -------------------- 1 rider/2 dogs ----------------- 3 riders/1 dog 
   Falkreath to Rorikstead ----------------------- 3 riders/4 dogs -------------------- 1 rider/2 dogs ----------------- 3 riders/1 dog 
 Stable to Snow Shod Farm -------------------- 4 elite riders ----------------------- 2 elite riders  ----------------- 4 elite riders 
  Traveling along road near stable ------------ 2 riders/3 dogs -------------------- 1 rider/2 dogs ----------------- 2 riders/1 dog
 Outside Fort Dawnguard ---------------------- 1 rider/2 dogs --------------------- 1 rider/2 dogs ----------------- 1 rider/1 dog


-Use NMM. 
-Add/remove files and ESP manually if need be.

For new versions: Deactivate and then delete old version. Make clean save. Then, activate new version. Load clean save.
I believe this is the safest way.


Compatible with all my mods

Not compatible with any mod that changes navmesh or landscape near the stable or tents

Not fully compatible

When Vampires Attack
- Run For Your Lives
- Holidays

My NPCs will be called into buildings, even though they are part of the correct exemption faction.
Horses might follow, even though they shouldn't be able to go through doors.
I use
"NPCs Protected Redux and Extra Guards", instead.
You can also use "
Immersive Citizens". It doesn't affect the behavior of NPCs riding horses.


Original Version:

                                                                           1.8 - nonessential leaders - Stable Master is a merchant - Stable map marker - new AI package 
                                                                           1.7 - adjusted Riften patrol to avoid entering
                                                                           1.6 - new follow packages - removed stable grass
                                                                           1.5 - navmeshed - tent and patrol added
                                                                           1.4 - fixes floating chair - adds 2 Isran bodyguards and 3 Dawnguard to Fort Dawnguard
                                                                           1.3 - fixes faction issues - adds armor to elite patrol
                                                                           1.2 - adds stable and patrol - Restores missing faction - Changes names.
                                                                           1.1 - fixed missing saddle 
                                                                           1.0 - original


Lite Version:

                                                                        1.8 - nonessential leaders - Stable Master is a merchant - Stable map marker - new AI packages
                                                                          1.7 - 1 rider and 2 dog patrols

1dog Version:

                                                             1.8 - nonessential leaders - Stable Master is a merchant - Stable map marker - new AI packages
.7 - 1 dog for each patrol


HOPv - Horses On Patrol - Vanilla

- Adds 9 mounted Imperial (4 or 7) and 9 mounted guard (3) patrols.
- Adds a tent to each Imperial camp.

Thanks to Shawn Driscoll for the video

Extra Guards

-Adds 491 or 208 guards to the game.
-Adds 226 guards with ETaC compatible version.
-Guards respawn.


Thanks to Shawn Driscoll for the video

Stormcloak Battle Armor Replacer