About this mod

This is the sequel of TheSkoomaKings Tame the Beasts of Skyrim.
You can tame any beast in the world of Skyrim and make it your follower. You can even learn how to merge your own with your pets soul and control this bond.
Tame and train them, feed and breed them .... and much more

Permissions and credits
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Thanks to Brodual for his review for Tame Beasts II !

- Deadly Dragons -
Want to tame a very special and powerful dragon?! Here you go! :D

- SkyTEST - Realistic animals and predators -
A huge overhaul for all animals in the game and adds countless variations of them

- Monster Mod -
Adds hundreds of creatures to Skyrim (compatibility patch required)

- Monster Mod compatibility patch -
Makes the creatures from Monster Mod tameable

- Skyrim Immersive Creatures -
Adds dozens of lore friendly creatures to Skyrim

- Moonpath to Elsweyr -
Only the Khajiit know the secret path to Elsweyr... and you will find new animals to tame

- Tropical Skyrim - A climate overhaul-
This mod is a complete overhaul of Skyrims climate and creatures

- Prides of Skyrim -
Adds lions, lionesses and panthers to Skyrim

Remember: You can tame any beast, not just from the mods listed above.