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Q: How do I start the mod?
A: The start location is in Riften, in Haelgas Bunkhouse. Speak to Havleif

Q: Where is Havleif?
A: Haelgas Bunkhouse, Riften. Sitting at a table with about 30 bottles of wine.

Q: I spoke to Havleif and now I can't speak to him again
A: You need to speak to Svana, then Havleif again. Check your quest journal.

Q: Where is my land?
A: North of Ivarstead

Q: I can't find the advisor
A: His name is Mavik Georlund, he is in the Winking Skeever

Q: Mavik has no dialogue
A: Check in your quest journal that you need to be speaking to him, if you do and it is not working for some reason, try reloading your save

Q: Where is Civenn?
A: Near the shack on your land

Q: Where is the HeartWood Mill?
A: Central Rift, quest markers are glitchy, but I'm working on getting one set up. There is a screenshot of the location in the mod description page.

Q: Where is Beitild?
A: Dawnstar, Iron Breaker mine

Q: What if I killed Beitild?
A: Added a workaround for that

Q: I built my first house and now Mavik is gone
A: He moved into your new house, on your land

Q: I went to the house but Mavik wasn't there
A: Wait a couple hours, he running from solitude with an AI travel package

Q: I built 3 farmhouses and now cannot do anything else
A: There is a dialogue option to further the quest once you build 3, if you already clicked that and now don't know why you can't buy things, then you need to add gold into the coffers

Q: How do I add gold into the coffers?
A: Dialogue option on Mavik

Q: How do I purchase supplies?
A: Dialogue option on Mavik

Q: I can't purchase anything past the Medium Merchant blueprints
A: That is the end of the alpha! Stay tuned for more.

Q: I Killed an NPC that I need to speak to to continue (Other than Beitild)
A: If you killed them in the past, you are going to need to console code them back for now, until I write workaround in for everyone involved. To console command an npc back into the game, first google them and find their BASE ID, which will be a hexadecimal looking something like this: 0000E21A. Then, use the command: Player.PlaceAtMe (ID here). Note the space! This will add a copy of them in front of you.

Q: Where is the end of the alpha?
A: Currently, the end of the alpha is when you buy the trees for your city, after the medium merchant

Q: Dialogue isn't working!
A: Make sure you are speaking to the npc you are supposed to at that point in the quest, and the easiest way to fix this is simply making a save and then reloading it