About this mod

****NOTICE: This is an alpha! This work is only a third complete and there may be bugs!****

Welcome to my ongoing multi-month project: Becoming a Lord

In Becoming a Lord, you start with nothing but land and must build it up into a glorious city!

Permissions and credits
Long time character with extra mounds of gold to spend, but nothing to sink it into?
New character, with an aspiration to get rich and powerful?

Becoming a Lord has incentive to offer to all types of players, be those who like owning something great that's theirs, or maybe someone trying to get invested in something bigger than themselves.

Build at your own pace, raise your income, buy resources, grow into something memorable!

Build structures by purchasing blueprints, and buying and stockpiling resources. Raise your cities income, and keep growing!

***NOTICE: There is currently no audio for npc dialogue, you need to have subtitles on!***

Current Features Include:
-Second Tier Lord's House
-Several Houses with NPCs
-Full weekly tax income system based on number of houses built
-Resource system for building and upgrading structures
-5 Merchants and one inn
-Full NPC AI Packages
-Full Guard System with unique Crime Hold and Jail

Note: If you get stuck for some reason and dialogue isn't showing, try reloading your save and it should be fine, this is some issue with the dialogue system is CK not always working

Currently this mod is one third complete. You can only build up until the end of the "Wooden" or 1st Tier of the city. Eventually, there will be an update with the second tier of the city complete in which you can build stone houses and many more bundles of features, which will lead into the third tier where you can buy dwarven metal houses and own your very own dwarven palace, 4 stories tall, larger than any other keep in the cities.

If you have any questions, or reports of bugs, feel free to PM me on steam and I will respond as soon as possible.

This release is mostly for feedback and reports of any early issues, so try to take it lightly!

---TO BEGIN: Go to Haelgas Bunkhouse in Riften, you should be able to find the NPC to start the quest in there.---


Thank you for checking out my project, and stay tuned for updates down the road, enjoy!