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This huge mod makes RCRN 2.1.4's weather alot more realistic, balanced and beautiful and comes with landscape textures (that are color-wise as close to vanilla as possible), matching, realistic LOD textures (including objects and trees) and some other texture fixes. It's a mod that fixes all kind of things that were wrong with the vanilla g

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I love RCRN, but I thought there was alot wrong with the weather settings it came with. So i fixed it. This mod makes the day weather types alot more realistic. balanced and appealing, without weird glitches. I did not touch the dawn/dusk/night settings because so far I think they're good as they are. This mod also includes carefully handpicked and even selfmade and edited landscape textures and other texture fixes. Scroll down for more details.

- Edited rcrnShaders.esp, based on RCRN 2.1.4 AE. Completely overhauled the weather types to make them alot more realistic, balanced and appealing. No more weird purple horizon e.t.c. Version 1.0 is based on the Legacy Preset, and v1.1 is based on the Pure preset.
- Edited injFX_Settings.h file. This fixes the overexposure RCRN always did.
- High detailed LOD landscape textures, based on Soolie's textures. But they now blend in perfectly with the foreground.
- FINALLY! Edited LOD objects textures, now all lod objects (cities, rocks, icebergs, forts e.t.c) blend very well when transitioning from LOD to fully loaded. No mod exists that does this and it's something that really bugged me.
- Beautiful blending LOD tree textures, edited and based on AOF's high res LOD trees.
- Mountain textures, based on AOF's mountain textures
- All landscape textures! Based on mostly Skyrim HD2K and some other texture mods. Even made textures myself. These textures are as close to the vanilla textures as possible. This also includes matching footprints textures for the footprints mod.
- Nordic ruins exterior textures (brighter textures like seen in the concept art and like in the vanilla game, now doesn't look black anymore)
- Toned down normal maps for Nordic Ruins interiors and imperial forts. They were way too exaggerated, making the nordic interiors a contrast mess. Based on HD2K.
- Fixed bridge textures, based on SMIM. The seams of the railingblocks were weird and wrongly placed.
- Toned down and higher res snow whisp textures, making them blend in alot better.
- Darker leek and cabbage textures, for non-glowing vegetables!
- Improved horse textures (from Halendia's Hale - Horse Retexture), I made the black horse less black.
- Improved normal maps for all furry creatures to make them look less plastic and more realistic (finally).
- Improved mammoth diffuse texture.
- Larger MageLight radius, now useful in dark dungeons and at night.

NOTE: You only need to have RCRN installed if you want the weather mod. The rest of the mod (all the textures including the LOD and such, don't need RCRN!

1. Install RCRN 2.1.4 AE with their Installer
2. Install Skyrim HD - 2K Textures (not necessary to run this mod, but the LOD object textures are based on these textures, so I highly recommend it.
3. Install this mod with the Nexus Mod Manager and overwrite when asked.
4. DON'T TOUCH/START THE RCRN CUSTOMIZER AFTER INSTALLATION! This will replace the rcrnShaders.esp file and the snow textures with the original RCRN files.
5. If you want, install the optional "Warmer & Brighter Torches" plugin. This will improve the radius, color and brightness of the torches, perfectly balanced for both indoors and outdoors. See screenshots for an example.

- This mod is currently not compatible with Vurt's Flora Overhaul. Not because it breaks the game or something, but because the (LOD) trees aren't compatible with the mod. I'm not sure if I'll make a version that is compatible.

- aLaaa for "RCRN AE 2.1.4"
- Soolie for "HD Detailed Terrain"
- NebuLa1 for "Skyrim HD - 2K Textures"
- AnOldFriend for "AOF HD Tree LODs" and "AOF Detailed Mountains"
- Halendia for "Hale - Horse Retexture"
- Brumbek for "Static Mesh Improvement Mod"
- jonwd7 for "Footprints"
- Vurt for "Skyrim Flora Overhaul"
- exraycat for "Giants and Mammoths HD Tribute Pack"

And the rest of the community. I'm so sorry. I used some textures but I really don't know what mod they were from. If you recognise one of your textures please don't hesitate to tell me and I'll credit you of course, like you deserve.