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RCRN uses the power behind a custom FXAA Post Process Injector to generate a realistic color palette without ruining the original feeling.
FEATURES: Real HDR engine, Realistic Lighting, Hybrid Shaders, Premium FXAA Antialiasing, Realistic Colors, Better Sharpening, Black Nights!

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Many thanks to all the users who are voting RCRN as file of the month for December 2013! We ♥ you!
RCRN is a total lighting and shaders revamp, it grants you an immersive gameplay experience without ruining the original feeling, finely tuned for indoor and outdoor scenes it also provides an incredible dynamic experience, weathers, lighting sources and HDR are dynamically generated and managed with our Hybrid Shaders engine!

Since v3.5 we totally reworked our exclusive Dynamic Interiors system, we added the new amazing Real Volumetric Fog and now everything can be easily managed through our fancy RCRN Customizer user interface!

This mod uses the power behind our .esp along with our custom Injector to generate a new and realistic color palette and an enhanced night-time.
The FPS drop is minimal, in the worst case about a 10% fps only in certain locations!

current version: AE 2.1.4 - Changelog - Overview
NEW in RCRN Anniversary Edition:
- Dragonborn DLC fully supported, also adds 6 brand new weathers based on the RCRN volcano expedition we did this summer.
- Dawnguard DLC fully supported
- AE Customizer tool
- Smart AutoInstaller (AAA game grade autoinstaller: provides backup, SmartScan and more)
- Autoupdater: RCRN now has the ability to update and download updates automatically. If an update is available the Autoupdater panel will show up.
- Full support to ENB and HiAlgo via the AE Customizer tool
- Totally new Regional Weather
- No more stuck or slow weather, pick your favorite weather ratio according to your timescale via the AE Customizer tool
- Cloudy Weather Pack! Adds the first batch of brand new Weathers, which includes 20 new handcrafted Cloudy Weathers.
- Cloudy Skies Texture pack! Adds the first batch of brand new sky & clouds textures.
- HD Snow Textures included, handtaken by our team from Finland.
...this is just a quick overview, the full Changelog is way bigger, give it a look!

Exterior Features and fixes:
- Real Volumetric Fog
- HDR Lighting
- Photo Realistic atmospherical Lighting, and perfect color balance, based on REAL LIFE data directly collected by our team in Finland and Pennsylvania (US).
- infinite different ambiental and sky Hues, thanks to our float values system.
- Supercharged Dusks and Dawns, experience the best sunset/sunrise skies ever done in a videogame.
- Dark and realistic Night-time, with 3 different user-selectable levels of darkness intensity.
- New Sun, Sunglare and Sunlight management, solved the vanilla issue that was causing the “bright dot” over mountains during dusk/dawn.
- Reworked Snow flakes and Rain drops.
- Real Life dynamically driven Snow Weathers with 6 levels of intensity.
- Real Life dynamically driven Rain Weathers with 10 levels of intensity.
- Real Life dynamically driven Fog Weathers with 6 levels of intensity and 3 different user-selectable Volumetric Fog settings.
- Adaptive Bloom for exteriors, perfectly tweaked bloom to adapt well to every environment.
- Optimized Torches and exterior static light sources (every single exterior light source has been fixed in hue and intensity).
- Regional Weather system finelly tuned to perfectly match the Skyrim geography.
- Photo Realistic Weathers, each one based on real life data directly collected by our dev team in Finland (Eu) and west Pennsylvania (US).
- Smart DOF, it will adapt "Depth of Field" dynamically according to the scene you are playing in.
- Enhanced Aurora lighting.

Interior Features and fixes:
- Dynamic interiors: Interiors reacts in real time to exterior lighting and weathers.
- Sounds for Dynamic interiors (you can hear exterior weather sounds, like raindrops hitting the roof) from the Interior scene.
- Dark and scary dungeons with 3 different user-selectable levels of darkness intensity.
- Adaptive Bloom for interiors, perfectly tweaked bloom to adapt well to every environment.
- Reworked 1 by 1 the lighting of each interior location.
- Optimized Torches and interior static light sources (every single interior light source has been fixed in hue and intensity).

Overall Features and Customization:
- RCRN Customizer, a fancy tool that allow you an easy and headache-free RCRN Customization.
- Ultra-Easy one click installation via the provided Autoinstaller.
- RCRN FXAA Antialiasing, precise and blur-free.
- Fixed the original Skyrim Eye-Adaption issues occuring both in exteriors and interiors.
- Improved Ice and Water refelections.
- Optimized the Sneaking skill in order to match the different shadows level.
- Improved Spellcast lighting and optimized fire shaders.
- Hybrid Shaders: mixes the RCRN Dynamic Shaders perfectly with a reworked version of the original ingame Shaders.

Issues, Problems, Errors?
Frequently Asked Questions - RCRN Official Forums

Extended Documentation:
Nvidia Optimization guide for RCRN - Advanced Customization Guide - AMD Optimization guide for RCRN

Quick dev Notes:
Please always remember to set bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 into your SkyrimPrefs.ini in order to take advantage of the better reflections introduced in RCRN v3.5!

Realistic Colors & Real Nights v3.5 provided by aLaaa, RPGwizard, PandoraX357 and ZoCks.
External Collaborators: mannyGT and daMs.
Russian translation provided by Eriko and early versions spell check by PatimPatam.
Partially based on the original FXAA Post-Process Injector by: some_dude, Violator & Timothy Lottes

Copyright © 2012 RCRN Community. All rights reserved.
Personal use only. Commercial use without prior authorization it's strictly prohibited.
Repack this software or distribute it on different platforms from the ones approved by the RCRN Staff it's not allowed.