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About this mod

Map Overhaul combines the best .ini tweaks, Hi-Res textures and meshes, and improved user interface to give you the best map experience.

Permissions and credits
This mod aims to provide the best map experience via .ini tweaks, high quality map textures and meshes, and improved user interface.

[size=3.5]Thanks to:[/size]

Very Important! If updating from a previous version, please refer to the Updating Instructions. (If there are any.)

Skyrim's map has always been lacking. It's blurry, low quality, has limited zoom, and a multitude of other issues. Map Overhaul aims to change that. With this mod you'll be able to rotate and zoom the map freely, clouds and blur are removed, it includes high quality map meshes for a better viewing experience, adds new elements to the user interface, and overall just makes the map that much better.

Updating Instructions
  • Update the .ini tweaks.
  • Install any new mods.


Manual Installation

Note: If prompted to overwrite at anytime, hit yes and overwrite all.

.ini Tweaks/Fixes
- Install the following .ini tweaks to your Skyrim.ini:


Mods Already Included In The Main Package

- High Quality 3D Map - I prepacked the correct meshes and normal maps for use with A Quality World Map - With Roads.
- World Map Min_Max Height Pitch Tweak
- Dynamic Snow for Map

Mods You Need To Download

- A Quality World Map - With Roads - Use Hi-Res Quality World Map - All Roads from the Optional Files section.
- A Clear World Map - With Clouds
- Atlas Map Markers - Download the complete package and install the appropriate files.

3.0.1 - Removed Follower Map Markers due to it being buggy.

3.0.0 - Updated the package so it's much easier to install now. There's nothing to configure, simply drag the files into your skyrim/data folder and you're done!

2.1.3 - Dynamic Snow for Map is now included in Map Overhaul.

2.1.2 - Enable Local World Map now only includes the Sovngarde map. The rest are included in Atlas Map Markers.

2.1.1 - Adjusted the mouse wheel zoom speed. 0.0300 --> 0.0750

2.1.0 - Major Update! Remade the mod page so it looks much nicer and is easier to follow. Made compatible with the latest update. Added many new mods and got rid of obsolete ones. Everything is now in one package for easier installation. Updated screenshots.

2.0.4 - Yet another mod has been added to Map Overhaul: Necessary Map Markers. There are now more choices for .ini tweaks. Choose between High, Medium, and Low sensitivity.

2.0.2 - Remove 3D Map Camera Limits has been added to Map Overhaul. There is now a BCF available for those who use Wrye Bash.

2.0.0 - Files are going to be packaged in the .7z format from now on due to the smaller file size. Removed Small House Map Markers. Removed the optional map texture packs and added a new one to make it easier to install A Quality World Map - With Roads. Instead of packaging everything into one file, I split it up and you can now download the optional mods if you chose to have those features.

1.1.9a - Updated/Included the latest version of Follower Map Markers.

1.1.9 - Added Follower Map Markers into Map Overhaul.

1.1.8 - With NovaCoren's permission, Map Overhaul now includes Small House Map Markers. Added a new "Features" section to the description.

1.1.6a - Cleaned up the description and made it much easier to read.

1.1.6 - More description adjustments. Fixed/modified some .ini tweaks - Most importantly fMapWorldInitialPitch. Added more screenshots.

1.1.5 - Now compatible with Ice Penguin's A Quality World Map - With Roads again! Removed pointless and potentially breaking .ini tweaks. Updated/fixed many things within the description. All files have been repackaged in .rar format.

1.1.1 - Various adjustments/fixes. Added Skyrim Realistic Overhaul texture pack.

1.1.0 - Big Update! There are now many map texture packs to choose from and they're even more high quality! I also improved the description/installation instructions.

1.0.7 - Updated Ethatron's map LODs. Also, installation instructions should be easier to follow.

1.0.6 - The map automatically looks down at a 90 degree angle to give you a little more of a flat map feel.

1.0.5 - Tweaked some .ini settings. (Zoom and Sensitivity). Various other small fixes.

1.0.1 - Made compatible with IcePenguin's "A Quality World Map - With Roads".

1.0.0 - Initial Release

Me! - xAtomz

Ethatron - High Quality 3D Map

Vinc - Enable Local World Map

Allana - World Map Min_Max Height Pitch Tweak

SkyrimENB - Dynamic Snow for Map

The Nexus Community - For their help and just providing a great modding experience.

Bethesda - For this amazing game.