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Occasionally I may remove some of my mods to my mediafire page and off the nexus, if I no longer wish to provide support for them, and to also make managing my mod pages easier. Before moving any file I will have a warning up on the mod page before the file is moved. Many of those files are old mods, requests I've fulfilled, or were simple and small things, that after second thought I do not think they needed to truly have a mod page on the nexus. None of these mods will have any support provided to them beyond their readme. Please read the readme included with the mod(s) after downloading from here:

If you intend to do anything with the mods aside from using them for your personal and private use, be sure to read the permissions section of the readme included with the downloaded mod file. Please do not port any of these mods or their files for SSE (Skyrim Special Edition), other games, or upload anywhere else, without explicit permission from me first. Do not sell or try to use any of these mods in relation to monetary gain, profit, etc, or use in any platform with monetization enabled.

A list of the mods removed from the nexus and moved to my mediafire account: Alchemist's Shack Player Home, ALLTP (A Link to the Past) Tunic, Better Matching Glass Armor, Bound Silver Sword, Brown Guard Armor, Brown and Grey Werewolf Recolors, Concept Style Stormcloak Helmets, Fire and Ice Dragons, Light Armor Dunmer Outfit, Little Cabin, Little Cottage, Simple Plant Color Tweak, and Werewolf Sk Tweak

Feel free to check out my blog for modding tutorials (though I rarely post on it):