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Skylight ENB offers new shaders developed from the ground up, for use with ENB that potential screenarchers/tweakers and preset creators can hopefully get some use out of. For people who just want to play, there are options up for all major weather and interior mods. I have also made a massive guide to help people new to using ENB get started.

Permissions and credits

Skylight ENB is my contribution to the ENB community. Currently it offers a unique set of shaders that both new users, as well as veteran tweakers/screenarchers can play with. I have also made three different versions of it so that support is available for Climates of Tamriel, Pure weathers, as well as the original vanilla games weathers. 

Skylight ENB tries to hit a sweetspot between bloom heavy fantasy presets, and hardcore realism presets, with a touch of cinematic style. 
This means that there will be no extreme bloom applied all over, and the saturation levels are not over done. 
You will get blue skies, and nice soft dusks. 
Night time darkness is not aimed for being super realistic, but rather aimed at creating a suitable atmosphere while still allowing you to see.
Interiors are designed to be realistic up to a point. There are no pitch black locations, but you still will benefit from a torch or night vision. 
The bloom shader will allow for really nice glow effects that especially make fire look more spectacular.
The Depth of Field shader have been specifically designed with people playing the game in mind. Hence it is very light in terms of performance and will not intrude heavily in your playing. 
Ofc. night vision and other ingame effects work like they should as well! 

There are quite a few features in Skylight ENB. I will try to divide them into sections to make for an easier read.

Technical features

A completely rewritten enbeffect.fx, enbbloom.fx and enbeffectprepass.fx file with an emphasis on being user friendly while providing easy to use controls! Like all skylight work then the goal is also to get the best quality/performance ratio.
- All files made to make more effective use of object oriented programming benefits.
- Made it very clear how the files work and everything come with built in working GUI support.
- Using depth information to provide visuals non depth using files cannot.
- Using radially controllable depth of field to prevent weapon blur, but maintain edge blur when near objects. 
- Dynamic bloom effects

Comprehensive Guides

Two extensive guides. One for players that include
- Installation of ENB.
- How to setup your enblocal.ini file.
- How to install supported mods properly.
- How to adjust Skylight ENB to your liking, using the ingame GUI, and Tes5edit.
One for tweakers that include
- How to use the new framework
- Somewhat detailed description about how the files actually work
- Details about the various concepts used when making a preset

If you want indepth installation advice then please consult the Installation guide! 

ENB versions 

Requires the latest version of ENB! Skylight ENB does not support older versions of the ENB binaries! However always make sure to check the sticky post in the comments section about special information about the latest ENB versions in case you run into issues.  

Skyrim Particle Patch

It is not even debatable just use it! It will fix so many ENB related issues around the game world that you just do not want to play without it. 
Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB by artem1s AKA Mindflux 

Weather Mods 
Climates of Tamriel
Climates of Tamriel Weather Patch by Prod80, Aiyen and Saerileth
This in turn obviously requires 
Climates of Tamriel v3.1 (CoT) by JJC71 

Default Skyrim 

Dramatic Clouds by Anarin 

Pure Weathers

Nothing but Pure Weathers is required. 


Regardless of which interiors mod you use this is always required! No exceptions! 

Enhanched lighting for ENB lite. Use only the IL version if you use one of the overhauls below. 

Since it does make sure that every interior in the game will look good! It can be used with any of the other lighting overhauls.


Enhanced Lights and FX by Anamorfus

Realistic Lighting Overhaul by The Realistic Lighting Team
Note: Only look okay with ELE since it uses image spaces to create darkness, which is redundant when using ENB. If ELE is not used it will be REALLY dark almost everywhere.

Relighting Skyrim by NovakDalton

Here is a nice preview of every combination with ELE, to give an impression.

Optional but recommended mods

Skylight ENB has largely been developed making sure fire using these textures will look epic! Hence I highly recommend using them!
Ultimate HD fire effects by rheadude

Skyrim Flora Overhaul by Vurt

Here I will put screenshots only of the latest version... that I think look sorta good. I am no screenarcher, and if someone else does some epic shots using the preset cranking all the quality all the way up etc. then I do not mind putting it up here either! For now I have only had time to do shots from the CoT preset! But will try to get some more epicness up from the others.. and proper compares etc! 

Full Gallery of just about all types of Dawn and Dusk for the CoT version can be found here
Gallery of random exterior shots can be found here
Gallery of random interior shots can be found here
Gallery of random Character shots can be found here

Bethesda for the game!
Boris Vorontsov for ENB! Without his dedication and hard work none of this would be possible!
Prod80 for good company and conversation, and for helping out making CoT more epic for ENB use!
Also for suffering my brain farts and bringing cool new ideas to the table!
Rootsrat for beta testing, then gamma testing, then more testing, and after that he did a bit more! He is 60% reason this is even looking somewhat good.
Kermles for his amazeing work on his enbeffect suite!
-JawZ- for his awesome guides, ELE, and helping me understand ENB tweaking!
Kyokushinoyama et. al. for the Sunsprite shader base provided in this preset!
Nexstac for the sunsprite texture provided here, and for lots of general suggestions and help along the way!

Lots of other people that have contributed in one way or another to making ENB presets what they are today! If you feel that I forgot you then by all means contact me so you can get up on the list!

One of the main goals of Skylight ENB is that other people will want to use the files I have made to create something epic and stunning! So go ahead and use the files to create your own preset. The only requirement that I have is that you provide credit where it is due! Every individual file have credits to respective original authors, even if the code is substantially altered. Please do keep doing it like this, so the right people can also get some more exposure, and to help you learn more about how to write your own code.