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Do you ever play Tes Arena?
The ancient skyrim have a lot of town and cities, now, you have a chance to see them back.
Add 10 Historical cities (Sunguard, Pargran Village, Dunparwall, Granite Hall, Nimalten, Helarchen Creek, North Keep, Blackmoor and Vernimwood and Amol) from TES Arena game.

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SSE version of the mod;

A lorefriendly mod

"This coarse, uncivilized province is far from hospitable, but it is also a place of fierce, wild beauty, with
grand vistas and inspiring natural wonders awaiting those with the will
to seek them out and the refinement to truly appreciate them."
An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim by Marcius Carvain, Viscount of Bruma


This mod adds ten historical cities to Skyrim present in TES:Arena, This game was the first Elders Scrolls and present us all the provinces of the empire, whith all his cities. Skyrim was a large province, wherw cities and town are common so, im try to remade this adding some tows and cities in a lore fiendly way to TES V, Skyrim.

Compatibility thread

New in version 5.0

- At this time just 7 cities has been added in the new version of the mod. please, report any problem.

- LODs are implemented for all cities in 5.0 Version. (also you can create your lods and the resources are provided in the mod)

- Added ALL In One version.

- Fixes to granitehall and Pargran village

ALL the navmeshes are complete. I have tested all of them with a follower for a lot of hours, so now I can say, they are safe.


Actually the mod have 4 quest added.

- North Keep (Talk with the vigilant of stendar, no prerequisites, this quest was mi first test of how make a quest, so will be competely remade soon)
- Nimalten (Talk with the Thane, no prerequisites)
- Amol (Talk with the Thane, no prerequisites)
- Granite Hall (Its a requisite to give the The Jagged Crown to General Tullius, the the quest will start when you visit Granite Hall and speak with the Citizens)

NOTE: this is a WIP proyect. Im now working in complete the tes arena map and add dialogs and quest to the mod.


Amol: Winterhold was once a mighty and proud city of impressive power. The most eminent scholars, the most talented artists, and the richest and most powerful nobles came from all corners of Tamriel to lay their eyes upon the seat of power of the High King and his glorious realm. However, during this era, Winterhold was at war with its rival, the city of Solitude. To protect his kingdom and ease the defense of his borders, the High King
ordered the construction of a powerful navy composed of the braved sailors and the best Nord ships. To protect the land, he had a strong, well-defended city-fortress build near the border. It was called Amol.

Amol, once having defended the southern border of the High King's realm, is now the most powerful city in the hold due to Winterhold's fall into a derelict state. Although the Jarl resides in his palace in Winterhold, far away from the mighty fortress, Amol pays the taxes that fill Winterhold's chests. Controlling the trade routes through the North doesn't make the city incredibly rich, to the dismay of its inhabitants,but it is certainly influential in controlling movement in the region. And it has been said that when the real sons of Skyrim rise, the fortress will breathe and rise again.[/left]

Blackmoor: An ancient city built by the old nords of Whiterun hold. The city was abandoned and rebuilt time after time, the last just before the oblivion crisis. Wheat and honey for making mead are the lifeblood of the city. Its position gives the city control over the old pass to the Morthal swamps and the cursed city of Labyrinthian. Now that civil war is fast approaching Whiterun hold the city must prove it is worthy of its former glory.

Nimalten: The ancient city of Nimalten was abandoned for reasons unknown after the Oblivion Crisis. It is thought that the idleness of peacetime killed the city. Built as a frontier city to defend the Rift from the attacks of surrounding holds and keep bandits away, it lost all purpose when the Empire brought peace. The population slowly moved to Ivarstead and year after year, the city slowly faded. That peace is now over and the frontier is dangerous again.
When the war began the Jarl of the Rift began the reconstruction of Nimalten, the fortress now ready to stand the trials of war.

North Keep: In the northernmost edge of Falkreath Hold the ancient Nords built a fort to defend from Dwemer attack. Time grew the fort, from small outpost to mighty bulwark and then finally into a city. The Jarl of Falkreath keeps tight hold of trade coming from Cyrodiil, making the cities of Falkreath, Helgen and North Keep very rich. In skyrim being rich is a dangerous thing; a shining invite for thieves and cut-throats to come and steal what they desire.
Now North Keep, the so called 'jewel in the crown' of falkreath hold has been reinforced and readied not only for the predation of bandits but to withstand the oncoming tides of war. But for this city war is just another chance to see glory.

Heralchen Creek:: The ancient Dwemer built the greatest marvels of Skyrim. When they disappeared they left only ruins, albeit ruins of something magnificent. One of these marvels is the Helarchen Creek fortress. Built as a pumping station it is now is one of the centerpieces of the Pale's defensive system. In time, village grew around the fortress and now it must defend one of the most important trade routes of Northern Skyrim. Bandits and giant are dangerous? In this place, I think not.

Granite Hall:: In most cases a fortress is built to defend a settlement, but is some rare cases the settlement is the fortress. A towering dwemer construction, built layer upon layer of ancient craftsmanship amazed the ancient Nord settlers, who named it Granite Hall. Now it stands guard over the southern route through the Reach and offers respite to travellers from the Forsworn that roam beyond its walls.

Vernim Wood:


Pargran Village::

 See my version of Falkreath and Morthal


by Minoxs

by Verodor

I have added a All in One version, I tested the stability and the integrity of this version but please report any problems to be fixed.


North Keep and Granitehall towns adds a lot of textures to the vanilla game, so be aware of the FPS will fall in low and medium gaming PC's.

- Recommended: Install with a mod manager like the Nexus Mod Manager
- Manual installation: Copy /data folder of the mod to your Skyrim installation directory

- Recommended: Uninstall from a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager
- Manual un-installation: Remove all "TES (Settlement name).esp" from your /data folder

The mod is safe to Install and Uninstall, but preferly uninstall in a interior cell who dont belong to the mod.


Compatibility thread

The mod its compatible whith almost all major mods, No incompatibility problems so far.

Compatible whith all the official DLC but the mod doesnt require them (Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn)

My inspiration was the mod Immersive Settlements by Pymous, so go to his page and download.

mod by:

Jabr/ creator, developer

Void_Nemesis_GOF2/ amol description colaborator
Randalf /dialogs
jknjb /dialogs
ricolen /dialogs


Stormcloak Cabin Resource by Kraeten

Elder Statue  by Angilla

FoodContainer Resource by Blary

Create a black and white illustration by Yuri

Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67

OpenBooks Resource by Blary

Minor Architectural Mesh Expansion Modders Resource by Rajti15

Cyrodiil Farmhouse Tileset by Markus Liberty

T67 - Statue Dwarven by Tony67

Building kits and other items by jet4571

skyf0rger for the name change

Griffon Fortress Resource by mr_siika and Kraeten

Mr Siika Castle Seaview Kit by mr_siika and Tamira - By InsanitySorrow

Custom Sigils DIY - by

I dont speak english as my native language, sorry for the faults.